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Α New Award in the VHL/E


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As we find ourselves over halfway done with S79 in the VHL, folks around the league are preparing for the ever wonderful VHL/M awards. Each year provides something new and exciting. We have players who run away with awards, to which no one is surprised when they win. Then, we have players who are in tight competition with others for an award, and every year, there is tension when one person wins over the other. But, that’s just how awards go. There is disappointment, shame, and a lot of hot tempers.


This year, for theme week, we’ve been asked to talk about the awards. We could pick one of our favorites, maybe pick a favorite player who has won an award. But, I’ve decided to go a different route. I didn’t want to just reminisce on the winners of the past, I wanted to look to the future. With the establishment of the VHLE there will, of course, need to be the creation of some new awards that people can argue over.


I suspect that there will be awards for the typical performance stats. This, of course, means that there will likely be more arguing within the VHL community. While this is all good, and is usually a lot of fun to read over, I am here to suggest a new award, one focused solely on the VHLE. This award will be given to the VHLE GM who establishes the greatest team in VHLE history (which won’t be hard to do since S80 will be the start of the VHLE). 


I think it is only appropriate to name this award after its inaugural winner, Thadius Sales. Sales will, without a doubt, be the greatest GM in VHLE history at the conclusion of S80. While the other GMs that Sales will be working with are competent, and many of them have more experience than he does, he brings to the table something that the others lack, a burning desire to have an award named after him.


That’s right, the only reason that Sales will overcome the rest of his competition is not because he is more talented, nor is he the greatest GM in VHLM history, but because he just wants there to be “the Thadius Sales” award. This passion, this desire, this fire, it will ignite everything within Sales and push him to make decisions that will bring success to Stockholm. That raw passion will be the secret weapon to Sales’ success. 


This award, of course after Sales wins it, will pass down to following VHLE GMs who will be the greatest VHLE GMs of the season. Any GM after this award is named will not have the same passion that Sales had, but that won’t stop them from winning. They’ll be able to use their skills and intelligence to tap into the heart of Sales and conquer the Thadius Sales award from S81 and on. This will be the greatest, most prestigious award in all of VHL/M/E history, and anyone who wins it should automatically earn 12 free capped TPE each week for the rest of their lives.



519 words, claiming week ending 22 August 

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