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Dragons Looking Towards the Playoffs


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At this point of the season, the North American Conference bloodbath to start off the season is starting to show it's victors with Seattle, Calgary, and Chicago being the top teams to come out on top and being in the clear lead. However, not far behind is DC and LA, with also Vancouver being on the outskirts to bump one of them out of the playoffs if there is chance and a losing streak by one of them.


It can be quite the scary time, as with teams this close nearing the end of the season means every sim and every game means closer to making the promised land of the playoffs, or having another season of disappointment. And coming to DC from Toronto, as well as my player having a career year, I was all but ready to be apart of a playoff berth. And although we've had some really good sims as of late, we've also had some lackluster sims where we've either been blown out or we've had some nail biting finishes with us losing by only 1 goal.


With our core aging and these final seasons being key to make before going into full rebuild mode, making the playoffs this season isn't just something the Dragons are looking forward to, but it's almost a necessity.

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