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3 Moons Quietly Performing


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Jody 3 Moons has had a surprising start to his first full VHLM season. The Ukrainian center has found a fit with the Bern Royals and has raised the level of his game from his short stint in Moscow. The VHLM rookie has already amassed 91 tpe and is performing well in the sim, producing 22 points in his first 22 games and leading Bern forwards in both face-off percentage (53%) and shots blocked (10). 3 Moons has certainly improved both the offensive and defensive aspects of his game since arriving in Switzerland. Despite never seeing ice-time with Bern's superstar players Devin Sundberg and Earl Parker, 3 Moons has been a good source of secondary scoring and reliable in the defensive zone, as the Royals look to climb back into the European Conference playoff picture. Bern is relying on it's top line of Sundberg, Parker, and Keeler to continue carrying a large portion of the offence, but now look to have a reliable secondary scoring option in 3 Moons, which may just be enough to get them back into the playoffs.



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