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Komarov frustrated with Slide


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Komarov has not been happy these last few days an most of the anger is pointed at goalie Lebron. Who might aswell have sunburn on the back of his neck. It doesnt seem to matter what shot is fired it seems to find the back of the net in Oslo.

The Storm have been a very offensive team so far this season but goaltending has been costing the team so many games. Normally a quiet leader Komarov voiced his displeasure an told reporters his goalie either needs to step up or go home. He was obviously frustrated after another solid effort resulted in a lose for his team.

Komarov has provided unexpected offense from the back end well playing a very physical game. With 90 hits,45 shots blocked, an 24 points in 25 games played. Hes been a rock on the back end for a bad team. He knows the team needs go help out its goalie but he also knows Lebron needs to seriously step his game up if the Storm hope to go anywhere this season.

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