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  1. Id apply but i hate that i couldnt chose an expansion team location lol
  2. What hurts is Ryuu doesnt even mention his first ever GM who took a shot on a new blood ouch @SlapshotDragon
  3. Moscow was not going to be good, would they have liked a few more wins? Hell yeah, would they have liked a few more players to pan out of course. However, that is the name of the game when it comes to being an expansion franchise. We can not all be handed stanley cup goalies, and elite talent like the NHL Golden Knights. It will take 2-3 seasons for Moscow to start to really compete for a playoff spot. As it does every rebuilding team, patience and some luck are tied into it as well. Drafts now a days are getting deeper, but with deeper drafts now make the swings a misses hurt even more. Than back when we would have 1 round of actives to pick from. However with the next season the focus for Moscow the future is bright and expect more wins from the team next season. As the young core continues to build itself up and grow together.
  4. Moscow has the best odds to win 1st overall and at worst get 2nd. They are an expansion team with a ton of holes in their roster, it showed on the score sheet every night. However with Komarov, Greubauer and a few others the future is bright for this squad an only about to get brighter. Today we look at a few of the teams biggest needs. Offensive defensemen Brostein is a shutdown defenseman, Evgeni is a bruising defensive defender. Neither to this point produce much offense in their game. Even though Komarov is slowly working on that aspect of his game don't expect it to just become a full fixture. Which means they need someone who can get their forwards the puck and quarterback the power play. However its unlikely this is a role the team fills unless they can find a guy in the 3rd round with good upside. As GM victor stated a desire to add to the forward core. Forwards of all kinds Blake and Greubaur both had great rookie seasons, but after them the offense really just drops off a cliff. Especially after the unexpected retirement of Nathan N and drop in training of Baille. What really is an unknown here is who will be the agent player of the GM and his position. Most believe he will be a forward but if he hits it out of the park this draft will he go offensive defender? With a good shot at the 2 elite talents in this draft to help the 2 great young forwards we expect a few more wins this season. Goalie Cole is semi active which is fine, but its not really going to make hin a future star. Or likely a cup winning starter. We do have a kid in the minors my name is drawing a blank that Victor seems to be high on. However with the position always in flux maybe he tries to grab another in hopes one or both pan out and he can deal one for a higher price later down the road. Guys to keep an eye on for Moscow Shane Mars Mars comes from a long line of busts by agent Spade but he hopes this is not one of them. He competing with HHH for top spot if Moscow falls to second expect this wingers name to be called. HHH Screw typing this guys name its too long, Beaviss players have been adequate because he has listened to my advice just kidding. The expected first overall pick, would he settle for 2nd line center? Owen May I wouldnt expect to hear his name called early and i suspect he gets drafted by the new expansion team to be their starter. But he may or may not be on Moscows radar. Edgar Tanhill Player has stated his desire to only play for Moscow, his agent good friends with the GM. May never be a star but could be a very good later round pick for the second line.
  5. I mean is anyone not buzzing against us lol we have a semi active goalie, and 2 forwards and 2 active dman all under 400TPE lol
  6. Cale Makar, Hughes reminds me of Ryan Ellis(not a bad thing he's obviously been a good dman). Makar i think could have Erik Karlsson style upside
  7. Def not the greatest swedish city lol to be picking. Anyone actually been to Malmo not anything special :p. Moscow > Malmo
  8. Evgeni Komarov is a brute he set a VHLM record last year in PIMs. This season as a rookie Komarov leads the league in PIMs in the VHL. Hes fought 3 times with a 1-1-1 record. However one things slowly coming together for the Russian bear, the rest of his game. He sits 8th in hits and shots blocked respectively, well registering 17 points. Hes registered a point in his last 5 games, one of then being a 3 point outing. It seems he is starting to learn the ability to move the puck, often seen trying to make passing plays in practice. He still continues to mainly focus on the defensive side of the puck, which is his bread an butter. However he admits he feels that is coming a long well and its time to add a bit of offense to his game to at least help the teams break out. He is a leader on the team, and he knows he has to lead by example. Taking steps in developing his all around game will really help prove that to his coaches and GM. That doesn't mean he wont be someone to be feared, and he will continue to rack up the hits, and drop the gloves.