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  1. Gooningitup

    D - Johnny Fitzgerald (HFX)

    1.5mill 2nd pair on a contender with the wild
  2. Gooningitup

    C - Justin Graves

    2nd line center on Saskatoon 1.2mill offer on a contending team
  3. Gooningitup

    G - Johannes Benoit

    Our starter is rather firmly entrenched in net well back up is nice id rather you have the chance to play more games than you would here. Wish you the best of luck though!
  4. Gooningitup

    S62 Regular Season Index

    outside of the obvious which you stated will be done regular season we are missing our recent signed player please place him when i submit my lines soon at second line RW thanks @Higgins
  5. Gooningitup

    LW Bilal Syed (SSK)

    2nd line 1million to play on the wild. We have a pretty good roster just need a few pieces to make us full on contenders
  6. Gooningitup

    General Manager

    Id have applied but he only wants new blood 😛
  7. Gooningitup

    GM 6: Meute vs. Reign

    Light it up Komarov
  8. Gooningitup

    2018-2019 NHL Discussion

    Marchie is more than proven hes a top 6 winger by now. This will just be if its top end or just good. Wild Bill i think regresses but still very good. Schmidt i loved in Washington but hes a top 4 guy at most
  9. Gooningitup

    Nguyen Falls in VHLM Draft

    Ya what @diamond_ace said part of the reason i kinda just let your player slip was because i knew we could get him abit later. Well snagging a guy like Toast in the process.
  10. Gooningitup

    RW - Wlodzimierz Zajaczkowski (SSK)

    Top line RW with chris F and Ryuu Crimson awaiting in the Wild of Saskatoon @nicolas01
  11. Gooningitup

    2018-2019 NHL Discussion

    I have them misssing the playoffs you have them as a top 4 team. The Sharks have gotten significantly older. Added no signifcant piece, since last year. Flames got better, Vegas will still be a threat, Anaheim outside of Kesler is actually healthy to start the year. LA got better, i think SJS run ends, with Jumbo, Pavelski, Burns starting to slow down.
  12. Gooningitup

    C - Anthony Dabarno (HFX)

    Saskatoon offers 1mill to play top line on a mid tier team probably battling with a few teams like Ottawa and Halifax for whose the best