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  1. Gooningitup

    Happy Birthday VHL! Free stuff for all!

    Being drafted by Davos then being the GM of then and almost stopping the 3peat of Toronto when no one gave us a shot
  2. Gooningitup

    RIP Ray Emery Poor guy died infront of his family
  3. Gooningitup

    RW - Anssi Koivuhaka (SASK)

    Top line spot on a bad team 1mill offer
  4. Gooningitup

    D - Kyle Grant

    1mill top 4 mins on a bad team but best ice time we can offer
  5. Gooningitup

    LW - Jaxson Taupert

    1mill top line wing roll on a bad team
  6. Gooningitup

    Wild Name AGM

    Vlad Komarov took over the Wild 5 seasons ago. His intention was always to groom his eventual succesor. The job of grooming was eventually offered at first to last years stand out Malenko. Who did not have the time sadly to devote. Today Nygun stepped up and asked about what it takes to be a future GM. This led to a conversation about being groomed into the succesor of Komarov. The Wild GM has 2 GMOTY awards and a cup, plus was the master mind behind Vegas cup, aswell as almost denying history of the Legion. Komarovs had some bumps but really come into his own as a GM and hopes Nygun can become a stud learning from Komarovs early mistakes. Only time will tell but the assumtion is that they will be grooming him this season and next in hopes he can step into the role the next season. Bringing Komarovs VHLM tenor to an end hoping he will eventually reland a GM job in the VHL. @Dtayl
  7. Gooningitup

    D - Paolo Nano (SASK)

    1 mill top 4 chance to move up based on activity and updating to top 2
  8. Gooningitup

    D - North

    1 mill saskatoon top 4 d with chance to move up if you outperform one of our top 2
  9. Gooningitup

    C - Liam Cook

    1 mill to saskatoon top lin center
  10. Gooningitup

    Shout Out to the Recruitment Team

    Well retainment has been something ive been pushing hard always messaging my new players. Trying to aid them best i can if they struggle. Saskatoons turned out some studs under my tenor. And beavis idea to use youtube whore helped bring em in. Every VHLM GMs done good with there new members far as i can see trying to retain them
  11. Gooningitup

    Keepin' Up With The VHLM -- Wild

    Well we are bad we just won the cup last year. Sadly that is the waves of the VHLM. Good teams cant stay on top more than a year or 2, without some serious luck. We went all in won a cup now its a year where we rebuild add some assets and move on to next year
  12. Gooningitup

    GM 98: Las Vegas Aces vs. Saskatoon Wild

    @Higgins did you not get my lines from last night dude?