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  1. Gooningitup

    Time to bomb my draft stock

    Evgeni Komarov has come from a long history of family who is loyal till the end. Its won the family 0 cups, and only a few awards. Sergei was a great player but came at a wrong time. Evgeni is going to drop a bomb, he will not stay with a team more than 3 seasons. He only wants to play on bottom feeders, and just play. He does not care about titles or loyalty he is looking to just rack up hits, shots blocked, and PIMs. Maybe his last season he will join a contender just for shits and giggles. This is a message to all contenders do not bother drafting the young mini tank Russian. He does not desire to be there, he wants to play for a bad team. This comes as a huge shock as the Komarov family in 24 seasons has logged 14 in Davos, 5 in Quebec, and 5 in New York. Known for their loyalty never leaving a team via free agency. @VHL GM
  2. Gooningitup

    S64 Community Mock Draft: 2nd Overall Pick

    Weve seen a lot of busts earning TPE faster too though burning themselves out early. Not saying this is the case but even if you use my player as an example. Well im 100% not earning at the rate i did with Sergei my last player. Im a much safer bet as an example as the rounds get later to continue to earn safely at 7-9 TPE most weeks. Lots to factor in as a GM, young members typically can earn faster as they are not as burnt out as older members, but the bust rate is higher as well. In such a deep draft you dont want to mess up 2nd overall
  3. Gooningitup

    2018 Holiday Bonus!

  4. Gooningitup

    Finals, GM 4: Saskatoon Wild vs. Ottawa Lynx

    I clearly taught @Dtayl too well won the finals his first year in very me fashion lol
  5. Evgeni Komarov much like everyone in his family prides himself on being an elite shut down, and physical player. In his rookie VHLM season he amassed, 135PIMs which had him tied for 2nd place, 106 shots blocked good for 10th, and 242 hits good for 4th. All this well being new to the league. It shows the type of player he plans to be for the rest of his career. Pros of Evgeni Komarov Checking - He hits like a truck, hes strong on the puck and body leaving bruises. Its very apparent he loves to hit when you look at his total in his rookie season an he is still growing as a player into his body and will only get better. He is very sneeky, when it comes to getting up on opponents due to his size he can almost be invisible till hes up in your face with a crushing hit. Defense - In his own zone for a young kid, hes very talented and only learning. Hes gotta keep improving as he jumps to the bigs but for a young raw talent he looks really good. This will be a strength though his entire career as he solidifies himself as a PK specialist. Fighting - He will drop the gloves and scrap with anyone. His lack of backing down is a huge reason why teams were ringing the phone to aquire him when Vegas decided to sell. Hes a tough customer who doesnt make it easy to take advantage of the teams stars. Pound for pound there is not much tougher customers clocking in at only 5 foot 8 he reminds us of Tie Domi if he played defense. Cons of Evgeni Komarov Offense - He had a decent year in the VHLM offensively, but that is not a sign of things to come. He is an old school defensice defender. He lets his own zone play dictate the game. Dont expect this to change all that much as his career furthers. He likely will see an uptick im assists as he adds abit to his passing game allowing him to play a bigger role in the VHL, but will never been an offensive star. Disipline - One downfall of his style of hockey is the penalties he takes, if your a team that is awful on the PK may not be worth your time. He will be an assest on the PK when hes not in the box though. He will most certianly need to work on this abit, but do not expect him to win the VHL version of a lady Byng. Size - Evgeni Komarov plays like he is Sergei who checked in at 6 foot 8, but the reality is he clocks in at 5 foot 8. He is a very scrappy player and not afraid of anyone. However his size often can leave him overwhelmed against bigger opponents. He wont let that get to him, as he continues to build his strength and skating ability to make him a very effective defender.
  6. Gooningitup

    S63 VHLM Achievement Tracker

    Evgeni Komarov Hits = 8TPE Points = 6TPE
  7. Gooningitup

    Tis the Season

    For those worried about my activity, i can put your minds at rest. Typically my company sees a huge spike around this time, due to everyone and their light fixtures. This has led to me missing the last few weeks of updates which is out of sorts for me. But it does happen almost every year. People blowing fuses, to asking us to come make sure their houses are still up to code, and wont overload the grids. In about 2 weeks we shut down for the holidays, minus my emergancy guy who doesnt celebrate christmas. After that i will be back to normal again. Just knowing the draft is around i wanted to put some minds to rest about my activity. I still intend to make this my last player. Evegeni seems to be doing just fine as the 21st are up 3-1 in the semi finals. Hoping for a cup! Hope everyone enjoys their holidays. Look forward to a full return in a few weeks
  8. Gooningitup

    GM Change

    Which means Davos is fked if its anything like @Spade18 haha jk luv u
  9. Bought a new phone then forgot to sign back on l was checking everyday. Wondered why no notifications lol

  10. Gooningitup

    VHL Endorsement Contracts S63

    Accept 0 for Evgeni Komarov