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  1. Gooningitup

    Size doesn't mean anything

    The Komarov family is known for banging bodies. Sergei and Vlad both have amassed 1500+ career hits. Pavel hit over 1000 after a late start. They all came in over 6 foot 4 and above 240pounds. Its pretty clear the family is full of big boys who love to play the physical game. However Evgeni didnt get the height gene. Coming in at 5'6 150 pounds, but dont let that fool you hes the toughest of the bunch. His skill set reminds hockey fans of Tie Domi who was small but never backed down. Hes comes into Vegas with high fighting skill, high checking, and defensive awareness. Well he may be small his strength is unparalleled for his size. The advantage of his size means he is a fairly good skater able to jump into the play or catch a fast forward for a big check. These will be his main focuses going forward as he looks to strike fear into opposition everywhere.
  2. Gooningitup

    D - Evgeni Komarov (LVA)

    Alright lets do it
  3. Gooningitup

    D - Evgeni Komarov (LVA)

    @Trifecta @ShawnGlade what would my role be/goals for the season
  4. Player Information Username: Gooningitup Player Name: Evgeni Komarov Recruited By: Google Age: 16 Position: D Height: 66 in. Weight: 150 lbs. Birthplace: Russia Player Page
  5. Its sunday hes able to retire now and play his last season so it shall be done
  6. Gooningitup

    Sergei Komarov -> QUE

    Well i had 2 offers more than half way through the day lol one was from a team that no offense wont win a cup. Or one that maybe can wasnt a hard choice
  7. Gooningitup

    Komarov will Test FA

    For the first time ever i will test FA. Sergei is in his last season, hes still an elite 2 way forward. Im looking for a contender. As of right now Quebec is where Komarov is leaning towards returning. However he admits if the pitch is right he would not hesitate to sign with another contender. Komarov family has never tested, and given Sergei will be the best ever in his family line he wants to atleast win 1 cup. As outside of the VHLM as a GM he has 0 rings multiple game 7 finals losses though dating back to Vlad Komarov. We do know that up next is pint sized enforcer Evgeni Komarov who will as soon as eligible be joining the free agent VHLM market as he was not able to declare before the VHLM draft. Evgeni will be the agencies last player as he admits with age and added responsibilities it is time to move on.
  8. Gooningitup

    TOR/RIG: S63

    You took over offseason. Late in but season hadnt started from what i remember
  9. Gooningitup

    TOR/RIG: S63

    What happened with Arkander was. Stz stepped down, Spade took over and created Fisher who he named his GM player. Rather than just deal the new GM a huge blow Arkander was allowed to stay a season as Fisher was not VHL eligible yet. However his offical draft year, Arkander was force retired. And Fisher had to play hence why despite New York having likely 1 more season to compete if Ike didnt have to they sold.
  10. Gooningitup


    Should have been 3 nights ago lol. Weve missed i think 3 or 4 days. We should be in the offseason. Perhaps we shoulda had a back up simmer as Will is busy with life
  11. Gooningitup

    Have we lost all diversity?

    I love building grinder goons. My last guy coming is going to be basically Tie Domi. I built Sergei to be my best chance at HOF which will obviously not happen. So now im just going back to beating faces in and crushing bodies
  12. Gooningitup

    S62 VHLM Achievement Tracker

    @nicolas01 @Lefty