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  1. Gooningitup

    S64 Endorsement Claim Thread

    I played but for free does that count?
  2. Gooningitup

    S64 Achievement Tracker

    Claim 20
  3. Gooningitup

    HC Davos Dynamo: A Brief History (S1-S19)

    I was about to say ive never heard of avangard the city. Ive heard of the missile and hockey team in Omsk lol.
  4. Gooningitup

    Komarov buys house

    Today it was made known that Evgeni Komarov has purchased a house in Moscow. Many people know, or more of less assume that the Russian will be joining the Moscow Menace in their opening season. Which is why he would buy a house in Russia. However most point to the fact the majority of his family lives there. The Russian is excited to, get going in his VHL debut. Seeing if he can hit the best penalty record, and start really hitting his stride as he feels he is capped out in juniors and can not get any better. The Lynx fell in game 7, where Evgeni surprisingly was not the biggest issue and actually won his first fight ever. He got some solid PIMs well not going into the box excessively. With the Moscow team he will be in a rebuild, which means his style of hockey will not hurt the young team as they build to be a true contender.
  5. Gooningitup

    (S66) LW - Jordan Joshua Tonn, TPE: 30

    He returns the Tonn man
  6. Gooningitup

    S65 Draft Lottery + Bonus Expansion Lotteries

    When is the expansion roster for the Menace picked? Doesnt say here
  7. Gooningitup

    Number 1 goon

    The VHLM season came to a close on saturday, and the playoffs are expected to start soon. It will take time before the Lynx play again as they do not play round 1. However, the team has a player who just finished number 1 all time in the VHLM. The record is all time penalty minutes the player who set it, Evgeni Komarov. Hes not the first player sitting in the top 10 all time from the Komarov family. Sergei finished 4th all time in hits, and Pavel finished with the 10th best face off percentage. Its something not many players would take pride in but Evgeni does. He strikes fear into opponents, he hits like a truck an is not scared to throw down. His record is not only number 1 in the VHLM, but the same total would give him number 1 in the VHL. Further proving just how tough player Evgeni really is.
  8. Gooningitup

    Comprehensive Mock VHL Expansion Draft

    I mean Pavel, Sergei, and Vlad all were very good players ;). Evgeni is probably first time ive gone all in on my name though haha
  9. Gooningitup

    League Expansion And A Few Extra Changes

    We used to have pre season. Honestly forgot why they got rid of it think it was just time/caring reasons