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  1. F- Jake Peralta D- Harvey Spector G- John Snow
  2. Sadly if we make it harder to level up skills my time will be done here. Im a semi active as it is in terms of TPE whores. I already cant compete with the all stars will just make that gap worse for me
  3. Ah so in the current system holder given its been like 50+ seasons lol and impossible to break those records on am old sim
  4. According to the index is 305 by your player 😛
  5. 2 seasons ago Evgeni Komarov stole the VHLM record for PIMs in a season. This year he dethroned the chump in the VHL. Now owning both records officially, which i never assumed would happen given i was spending so much time upgrading offense this season. Komarov game has shifted a lot, since he officially joined the Menace though he is starting to refocus on his defensive game, and checking again once he rounds his offense to a level he is happy to be able to help the roster. The PIMs record is not something everyone wants, but it was one of Evgeni's goals. Unlike the others he will now go down in history. Pretty sure he is well on his way to breaking the record for most PIMs in a career which would be cool as well though do not think that is tracked at all. Evgeni has a new goal, to become the best defender in his family a hard goal to accomplish with Vlad the impaler in his way the Dynamo legend himself.
  6. Does it? Ive never used it before an im old dont know any better