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  1. Good in depth look even if sadly its likely not a scenario and as people have pointed out it hasnt really run that long. Well it sucks that it is stale i just not sure what else the league could do. 8/10
  2. No Bana has had enough success we dont need anymore. He needs his Ken Hitchcock decline now haha. However, good article could have used more color, and pictures. But well done 8/10
  3. Chicago id love to knock out those smug guys after last year. Moscow cuz beating russia would be great for a russian goalie. Uhhh its been a long time since ive needed help but i guess slapshot for some goalie advice even if i didnt follow it. Bacon, chicken, more bacon with like chipotle. Gymnastics cuz its good to be flexable as a goalie Tony Deangelo maybe then hed be wanted dudes not a defensemen haha.
  4. Greatest playoff performers/teams. Biggest VHL/VHLM draft busts of all time Worst teams in VHL/VHLM history Biggest VHL/VHLM draft steals
  5. I googled the best players to play wearing number 82. Martin Straka, then Thomas Kopecky id say its verh uncommon
  6. Sounds like you and Jubis need to have a talk then. Cuz 2 days hes put in new lines and 2 days no change so either your missing them, or Jubis is making a booboo
  7. Can you pleasw explain why 2 days in a row you have failed to upload Calgarys lines. Thats 2 starts ive been denied because of it?
  8. I mean does anyone really care about Riga jokes aside. Things like this are why youve been a solid and good GM for a very long time. Could use some pictures but overall solid 8/10
  9. A ton of writing an a lack of pictures makes it feel very daunting. A read, however its a solid and fun read. Could just use some breaks for the readers 8/10
  10. Hard to say competition gets tougher as the season goes on but hopefully he can Chemistry matter, finding the guys who can benefit each other lifts everyone up Nope, not a follower enough to bother with VHFL. Zod or Eagles likely as they have both been great Clutch factor, cuz honestly how much fun would it be if players choked or came up clutch depending on this. Land Rover cuz they are nice, and not too expensive its the nice middle ground type car. Not poor but not loaded.
  11. Solid article an no doubt a piece im sure Toronto is planning on building a solid team with you back in your old stomping grounds. 9/10
  12. Solid insight on defense and a very good article could use abit more pictures but overall good content for sure 8/10
  13. Mixed bag, need to get the best outta everyone soon hopefully. Uhhh any good vodka company haha cuz thats russias drink I dont really follow the VHL close enough to call anyone a steal or underrated For my entire career, jokes aside hopefully as long as possible. Hope it works out for both teams, but id be worried as a Columbus fan. Seems Toronto really did not get along in the LR and needed a change in culture. Sounds like the real leafs.
  14. Id say sorry but Askarov doesnt know the meaning of sorry he just wins without remorse