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Boris Belov Ready To Become Big Player


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He was interviewed by VHL reporter:


Reporter says: Boris, you do not practice too much lately, what was the reason for this?


Boris: I was injured, but I am almost completely well again. My calf was injured, but after work today with Saskatoon Wild, I feel much better.


Reporter: How do you feel about playing in the second line? Saskatoon looks that there is a lot of faith in you!


Boris: I feel very honored to be placed in the second line. I can not score a lot, and my skating version of bad, but I bring a lot of heart for the game. I love this game and I love this team. I hit as many players as I can, and I think that will protect small players in my team.


Reporter: Looking forward to when you get draft, whether there is a specific team you are looking to play for? 


Boris: No, I'm not looking for anyone in particular. I think that the team that chooses me will get a great player. I'm not the best in the draft, but I have the greatest heart. I play for my teammates, not for me. If they are willing to put the time and effort to develop me as a player, I'll be very, very good player on the fourth line.

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