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Player Focus - Brennan McQueen


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Brennan McQueen was drafted 7th overall in the S35 VHL entry draft. Drafted as a potential solid two way forward with some inconsistency issues, McQueen still impressed scouts with the potential to be a top level VHL player. Even still, most believed that McQueen would pan out to be one of the top second line players in the VHL. McQueen spent an extra season in the VHLM and then was traded from the Bears to the Riga Reign for fellow S35 draftee Edwin Encarnacion. This trade would ensure McQueen played zero games for the team he was drafted to.


S36 marked the rookie debut with Riga for McQueen whom immediately showcased a solid scoring threat with two way ability. McQueen led the league in hits with 371 in his rookie season, and complimented his physical play with 63 points on a Riga team beginning the upswing of it's rebuild. After a solid rookie season, Brennan followed it up with an award winning Season 37. Improving on the hit totals while still leading the league, this season with 390, McQueen also jumped to 84 points en route to a close win of the Scott Boulet trophy as the top two way forward in the league. While Riga would struggle in the playoffs, they had to be impressed by the constant improvement and dominating physical game of Brennan, who had only spent two seasons in the VHL. 


Rookie/Sophomore Grade: A-


S38 marked the first year of a prime contract for Brennan, and the last year of his deal with the Reign. It would be another good year for arguably the leagues most physical forward. While McQueen did fall short of leading the league in htis, with only 342 on the year, Brennan potted a career best 107 points including 49 goals. Brennan was 5th among all players in total points, and would win his second straight Scott Boulet trophy. Riga realizing they had the VHl's premier two way forward would promptly sign McQueen to a two year extension with a no trade clause. We are only 23 games into S39, but McQueen has been bringing exactly what he is expected to start the season. A solid scoring pace with a consistent to elite level physical game. McQueen currently sits just under a point per game with 22 points, leading the Reign in that department. He also is third in the league in hits with 97. Brennan will still assuredly be a finalist for the Scott Boulet trophy in Season 39, although it may be more of a battle to win it this year out. But McQueen has more than lived up to expectations as a 7th overall selection. Many players picked before McQueen have barely done anything in the VHL. With still half a career in front of him, two Boulets under his belt and an elite level of consistency, McQueen could easily be looking at a potential Hall of Fame birth when his career is over. 


Overall Potential and Future Grade: A

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