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Claimed:DuJuan Cook Suffers Amnesia


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DuJuan Cook Suffers Amnesia



DuJuan Cook had just decided to join the VHL. A few days later, he was drafted by the Oslo Storm, and his career seemed like it would be off to a fantastic start. DuJuan had been steadily improving his attributes, and it looked like he could even make an impact for Oslo in the upcoming season. “DuJuan has looked pretty good out there,” the Storm general manager said, “He is skating well and can put the puck in the net. That is what we have been looking for from him. We expect Cook to get some significant playing time and to be a crucial part to the success of this team.”


However, just a few days later, tragedy struck. DuJuan Cook woke up and could not remember anything that had happened over the last two weeks. “I woke up and saw an Oslo Storm jersey and I thought to myself, what is the Oslo Storm? When did I go to Norway?,” said Cook. “I could not remember anything about the VHLM draft, any of my teammates or any of the plays we had been practicing,” he said. DuJuan finally showed up to the team facilities after numerous calls by the Storm GM Doomsday. “DuJuan walked in with confusion in his eyes. He did not know who I was, and he did not recognize any of his teammates. At first I thought he was joking, but he could not remember anything he had improved over the last week or so. He could not skate as well, and he was not playing his position correctly, so we decided to have him go talk to the team doctor,” Doomsday said.





Cook was diagnosed with temporary amnesia. Everything he did over the last two weeks was gone, and it was like he had to start all over again. What looked like a scene from the Adam Sandler movie “Fifty First Dates”, the Storm re-did everything that happened over the last two weeks. “We had a fake draft party where we called DuJuan and told him that we selected him in the draft. He was estatic,” the team front office said. “After that, we had a team meeting where DuJuan and the other rookies got to meet everyone, even though we did that two weeks ago. Everyone else was playing along, but DuJuan thought it was real. It was a very odd experience,” Doomsday said.


Cook is expected to make a full recovery, and has already been working out with the team. “I feel pretty good,” DuJuan said, “I am skating pretty well out there. I’m starting to get a connection with some of my teammates, and I think we are really starting to groove out there,” Cook said. If Cook can stay healthy both physically and mentally, he should steadily improve and could be a very huge asset for Oslo in this season and in the future. It is obvious that Oslo has put a ton of value and stock into DuJuan Cook, as they are taking things very slowly with him and his progression. We expect Cook to be ready for the season opener, but cannot be positive.



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Content: 3/3 - What an awful time to be hit with temporary amnesia! Haha, I really enjoyed this piece. You had an awesome idea for this article and it was a very enjoyable read overall. You could even make this a recurring thing throughout the season, just to make sure Doomsday has a headache.  :ph34r:


Grammar: 1/1 - No spelling mistakes that I found. Just one period error that is almost nothing. 


“DuJuan has looked pretty good out there,” the Storm general manager said, ->  “DuJuan has looked pretty good out there,” the Storm general manager said.


Appearance: 1/1 - Beauty of a story!



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