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Ottawa Lynxdogs


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Why did the Ice Dogs name get changed to the Lynx? At least give them a cool name, like the moose or something! Maybe Victor had something to do with it since Lynx are a favorite animal of old people. Speaking of the Icelynx, Gow^2+ that Mike guy in goal = really good team, and there's some other really good people too like our team captain scrub. While the Lynx may have some great players, they will have to get over their terrible GM's inability to coach them. In fact, the current Ottawa Lynx GM lost to his brother in 4 NHL 13 games in a row, which is a complete sweep. Instead of trying to get better, he is playing pokemon online, which is the new thing he will tell his brother to play at least 10 times a day until he finds something else he likes. I think that I am past 150 words now so I am going to leave by saying the Ottawa Icecats will most definitely win the VHLM cup.

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