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Who is Ariane Leblanc? - Junior Review


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Who is Ariane Leblanc?

Born Ariane Adilene Leblanc in 1999, in a small Village called Metz,that is 30 miles from the German border. This forced her to learn German and French as a child. Her parents and Ariane lived in the hockey rink, from the moment he was able to lace up a pair of skates she was on the ice.  She started in figure skating at the young age of Six. She would remain in Figure skating until the age of ten when she saw a VHL game on her Television, the Helsinki Titans Vs HC Davos, this is what made her fall in love with hockey. She also became a huge Helsinki fan at this moment. Knowing the leagues history and honor of European players she decided right then that she would play professionally for them ONE DAY. 

She spent the next several years working out in the Gym, spending late hours in the Rink shooting and working on Footwork. she was going to be a woman in a man's league, she wanted and needed to be the best player she could physically be. This drive is what made her the only Female player on her Highschool Team in Metz. Leblanc was not the best player, only playing on the third line but her stat sheet was impressive for being smaller and less skilled than the other players. 

She was planning to play College hockey in France, when she graduated at 19 however she took a Job as assistant head coach for the HC Metz, her local men's team. Leading them to a winning season, in her first two years with the club. Still working out with the team, and joining them on ice in full gear her coaching style was unorthodox but effective. She felt that the fact she was willing to suit up and play alongside them in the practice would prove she was coming from a players perspective. Her being Social and kind is how she wanted to approach every aspect in life. Preparing for a Third season as coach at the age of 22, Paris University reached out to have her play, before being able to accept however the Victory Hockey League had called her and told her she was selected to play in Miami in the Minors system. She didn't even blink and hopped on a plane to the United States. The rest is history.  

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