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Team Asia Lines


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As the WJC creep steadily closer the teams are beginning to make their final preparations for the tournament. For Team Asia they are hammering down how they want to play in the tournament and their GM has just announced their lines for the tournament. The lines for Team Asia are as follows:

Line 1: 
LW: Zen Raider
C: Pippo Coca
RW Arthur Kimura

Line 2: 

LW: Yun Chiang
C: Sergey Preobrazhensky
RW: Nezuko

Line 3:

LW: Bob Vladovechsenkchushkin
C: Finn Davis
RW: Bradley Buzzer

Defense Pair 1:
LD: Drakon Zabastovka
RD: Rhys Trenton

Defense Pair 2:
LD: Hari Singh Nalwa
RD: Tynan Sylvester

Starting Goaltender
Orion D H Chester IX

Backup Goaltender
The Red Menance

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