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  1. Review: Great article, enjoyed reading. Very cool to see how things worked out for you leading up to the draft and to see your side of things. The application is great lol, you put a lot of effort into this article and it shows. Maybe things will work the same way for me getting turned down for Mexico City? I hope so. Thanks for the mention, hats off to my GM. 10/10.
  2. Like this idea, I think it would be great to incorporate the golden eagle. I did some quick research and found that the eagle had something to do with the founding of Mexico City. Not sure if ‘Kings’ would stay, but just an idea, considering the eagle is on the flag.
  3. 1. The only thing I can think of is the losing GM has to do the winner’s TPE earning for a week? I doubt this is within the rules, but just an idea. 2. Who knows, the season’s coming to an end. It’s disappointing, but no matter what I think we can contend next season, especially since management will have higher picks at their disposal. I want to be a Rush next season and hope to be a playoff team. 3. Spoiler alert: a blockbuster deal was made just before the deadline. Obviously the Great was a great player, and it’s sad to see them go, but this trade made sense, considering they will l
  4. JB123

    LVA/YUK/SDM; S77

    Does this mean peace?
  5. Review: Very good design. Unique font really stands out, color scheme blends well. You did a great job with the logo, with it on an angle. The mirror effect on the outside only adds to it. I’m at a loss when it comes to suggesting something more, since it’s so good. 10/10
  6. Today we will be taking a look at perhaps the biggest trade of Season 77 in the VHLM that sent shockwaves through the league (in a way). This trade is fairly recent, having been agreed upon by the Rush and Hounds on the 28th of March. To better understand the significance of this deal, one must know the context in which it happened. Yukon was 5-9-0, and had given up the second most goals in the VHLM. However, they had also scored the second most goals themselves. Left wing Gaspar Zakrevsky had the most goals and points in the league. Center Lorgo Pompronkimishkonov was in the top thr
  7. Review: Very in-depth and interesting. The time and effort you put in shows. Stats and historical information back up and add to the story. Great work, 10/10.
  8. Review: Looking forward to this series! Great idea! Analysis is on point. And you're a better writer than you give yourself credit for. A picture might make it even more awesome. Great series intro, 9/10.
  9. 1. I would like to think we do. San Diego has started to pull away in the standings. If we can get our scoring touch back though, and get on a streak, you never know. 2. Yup, excited. It will be here before I know it. One team, yesterday. 3. Definitely want to participate. Still thinking of the topic. I'm newer so I don't have much experience with big trades, etc. but I will give it a shot! 4. Mint chocolate chip. For sure. Very good. 5. Nothing really in particular. Supportive of sports teams. 6. Very happy with their moves. Legit winger that rounds out the top six i
  10. I would like to apply for this role, very interested and willing to learn.
  11. Claiming 3rd and final week
  12. 1. I think we should go more defensive and see what the result is. We're almost there. I think the forwards will continue to produce no matter what. If we can work on our defensive game we might have something. 2. If I can be better on both sides of the puck, that would definitely help our cause. The past week we've been up and down between 4 and 5, in and out of a playoff spot. San Diego better watch out, 'cause we're gonna rush by them! 3. I definitely hope to be an assistant general manager. From there I want to learn a lot before working my way up the ladder. My ultimate goal i
  13. I’d be interested for sure. I’ve spent some time as a GM in another game. I’m good with Discord and the forum (for recruiting and press conferences). I want to eventually be a GM someday.