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I have been traded, I will play in Calgary from now on. I thought I was able to handle a rebuild and wait a while before truly competing. Turns out it was not the case. We had a healthy discussion with the Seattle management some time ago. The final solution was now found. I also felt the organizations ''window'' doesn't match my ''window'' perfectly. I have played two seasons already. If you add two or maybe even three more before the Seattle rebuild is truly on the winning side, not much is left for the championship hunt when I think about myself. At that point depreciation also makes me a trade candidate, which also played a part in our discussion. I wanted a true anchor deal, but the Seattle organization was not willing to offer me such a deal, so a move was found.


I'm excited to join Calgary. I think the team looks solid and ready to compete when the upcoming season starts. That is all I can ask for. The training camp is not starting just yet, so I have some time to rest and get more familiar with the city. I was planning on traveling somewhere warm, but I'm in Calgary now. First impression: not bad!

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