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Girts Galvins Gonna be Good


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With a name like Girts Galvins you know you have a star in the making. What a great hockey name! The young Latvian winger is a prospect for the upcoming draft, in whatever league he's eligible for, I believe it's the VHLM. Standing 6'6" and weighing in at 240 pounds he has a great shot, good speed and he's working on his defensive game. Scouts expect Girts Galvins to be an impact player wherever he ends up. He's been training hard in the off-season and looking to come into the season with as much TPE as possible. Hailing from the hockey hotbed of Ventspils Latvia he has the potential to become the next great Latvian VHL'er. We're not 100% sure if there's been others but we assume there has. Anyway, Galvins is off to a good start and should help whatever team he ends up on. He's never going to be a big passer, he's definitely a sniper and will continue to work on defense, skating, puck handling and eventually add some strength and checking to his game.



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