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Hinting at future possibilities?


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Matty Fire and Kyle Peace haven't dressed in their Legion blues as teammates yet, but they've donned the Red and White as they represent their nation at the S80 World Junior Championships; Canada (5-1-0) currently sits behind the Europeans with a single game in hand, and although the round robin doesn't particularly matter once the single elimination medal rounds begin, it does allow the clubs an opportunity to see how their lines can develop. For Kyle Peace it's an opportunity to grow some chemistry with fellow Legion Matty Ice, who recently recorded triple digit points at the highest level of VHL play. 

Toying with a potential future is tough on the fans, they want this season to begin already, so while it is unfortunate Toronto doesn't own Kisslinger II they [the management and fans] can take some comfort in knowing Fire and Peace seem to be 'clicking' already. Both Fire and Peace have seven points in six contests for the Canadians, and have combined for a total of seventy three shot attempts. They're not toying around with a future, they're hinting at it.  

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