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The Brendan Marner Interview


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With the first 6 games wrapped up for team Canada are you happy with your teams results Marner?

“We are chillin, only one game was lost, and quite honestly we were just rusty, we played our very first game against Asia and lost by 1 goal, I don’t think that is bad. It was 4-5 it was a hard game in general…”


…But you failed to record a point in that ga-

“NEVER cut me off again Derek. I played like the wind that game, just didn’t get lucky.”


*off mic whispers* maybe in the warmup


Marner you have 6 points in 6 games, are you happy with that even though Corey Kitson has 12 in 6?

“Corey has been amazing in this tournament, as a defence I do not except those crazy totals out of him. I feel good too, I am averaging a point a game and I think this is going to get our team far if I can continue this, and Corey for that matter. I have never seen someone want to win for his country more than him, its nice to see and exciting to be apart of.”


*off mic whispers* At least he cares


*Audio troubles*


Marner, do you think about the trade?

“You better be careful Derek, you’re walking on thin ice… Yes, I do think about the trade, I think about leaving everything that happened in Bratislava to go to Rome, it will be a change. I am going to miss my old mates, but I know there will be knew ones waiting for me in Rome, ready for me to kill the league with my skills there. I think a lot of people are going to underestimate Rome this season, I get it, but I will help the team hit a new high and quite honestly, we will be the next champions. Yes, the cup was stolen from Rome this past season, but it won’t be when I am there this season.”


With the Warsaw prospect pool, do you think you will make it to the big leagues sooner than later? And how do you feel about the chances they will have?

“Honestly, Warsaw is looking like they are to go into another rebuild soon, with a couple of the first rounders and a light prospect pool I do not expect them to go to crazy and go too far the next couple of years. They got a few good players, but ones that seem to be getting old in age and may not produce the way they have been. However, I think I will be in Europe this next year then graduate the year after to the VHL, I think this will be good for my development and for me to kill these kids coming into this league. I am excited to graduate, but I think it will be a couple of years before the team is competitive again.”

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