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Prospect Report - Girts Galvins


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Name: Girts Galvins

Age: 20

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 240

Position: LW

Number: 13

Shoots: Left

Born: Ventspils, Latvia



Girts Galvins is a prospect winger from Latvia who possesses good size and a very strong shot. A relative unknown coming into the league we will learn more about his game in this report, particularly his strengths and weaknesses or pros and cons. 




Shot: Galvins has fantastic shot that rates well above average for prospects at this stage of the game. Already rated 70 his shot is his strongest asset early on and he is not afraid to use it. Galvins shoots well from all areas of the ice, outside the circles, the slot and even coming in over the blue line. His slap shot, wrist shot, backhand and one-timer are all exceptional. 


Hockey IQ: Galvins has a great sense of the game and as a goal scorer he knows where to be on the ice to put himself in a position to not only get a shot but score a goal. He's easy to play with and compliments all other style of players. He's good at both ends of the ice, but his offensive instincts are finely tuned. 


Skating: Galvins is a good skater, rating at 54 coming into the league. It's an area of strength to his game and also something he plans on focusing on early in his development. He likes to carry the puck and shoot on the rush and his speed also allows him to get into position quickly at both ends of the ice and be in situations to succeed. 




Strength: As a young player galvins needs to work on his strength and has much room for improvement. He currently is rated at 40 strength which is the minimum for the league, so he has some work to do there. It's something he will be working on later this season after he rounds out his skating, defense and puck handling. 


Checking: As of right now Galvins is not a big hitter, but with his size and a little work he should be able to add that element to his game rather quickly. He does plan on working on it later this season but as of now it's a weakness of his game as he's solely focused on putting the puck in the net. 


Face Offs:  Galvins has never played center and has little to no experience taking draws. As a scoring winger this will always be a weakness of his game and he'll probably never put much work into it unless the team really needs him to. He's a pure winger as of now and if takes the occassional draw when the center gets kicked out don't expect him to win it. 



Scouts Take: Overall I think Galvins has a lot of skill especially as a scorer. He has a great shot, good speed and what was not mentioned above was his defense which currently ranks 50 and is something he has said he plans to work on quickly. He has the size to be a power forward who hard on the puck and gifted around the net if he can add some strength and a physical element to his game. Starting out as a pure speedy scorer he should be an effective offense point producer as he rounds out the other areas of his game. 




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