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Trivia where?


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Where is trivia? No but seriously where is it? I have not been too involved with the league in the recent month or two due to school reasons and one thing I notice is that trivia is gone. Why? If the trivia god cannot do it I'm sure there are plenty of other people that can fill that role and teach us more about the history of the Vhl, it's also an easy 2 tpe for us and also arguably the most fun tpe to earn, you almost get to feel as a detective to try to find clues that leads you to a final answer. Even if it was without tpe I would also do it as I enjoy it tons. Almost like a little side quest to do or just a small little mini game for you to have fun in. It also teaches the newer Vhl members more about the history, not saying that I am a particularly old Vhl member just that I know more about it's history than I would've without the trivia.


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