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Ixazaluoh Hones Defense at WJHC


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Ixazaluoh Hones Defense at WJHC

Seeing himself selected as the 4th defenseman for Team World, Cadmael knew that he was lucky to be chosen for such a role. "I am sure that there were many suitable candidates, I am happy to just be selected to show teams what I can do." Cadmael was initially not expecting to be playing during his off-season but a selection from Team World GM @Alexandre caught him unawares and provided a unique opportunity for the budding defender to hone his skills against future competitors and current contenders. "Being able to play with players regarded as some of the best for our experience levels is just humbling, and I look forward to doing what I can for the team."

According to the Team World GM in his announcement of the roster, "Ixazaluoh has a great vision and can read the games pretty well so he can block shots or intercept the pass." And thus far, he has proven he is more than capable of doing so. Team World has since qualified for the medal game play-in and will faceoff with a red-hot Team Europe. Cadmael's performace was that of living up to his expectations and setting out to achieve what he was put on the team for. Through 8 games he has only aimed for the net 2 times, through the first 7 games not opting to shoot once. Though, he ended up with 7 assists, leaving him with 7 points for the first 8 games. He has certainly focused more on the defensive aspect of his game, racking up 22 hits and only 4 PIM, with 13 total shots blocked. This performance almost mirrors his performance in the VHLM as a robust two-way defenseman where he emphasized his output on setting up passes for goal scorers and breaking up opposing attacks.


With the semi-finals on the horizon Cadmael had this to say: "It is not often that you get selected for such a humbling role, and I am just honored to be a part of the Tournament and Team World. I cannot lie however, I wish to ultimately see us as the victors and believe that though there are many who doubt us, we can pull though."

With the draft just around the corner, more eyes than ever are on Cadmael's performance. Will his performance indicate his future performance, or is it just a taste of what's to come? Only time will tell.


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