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Telker’s thoughts on expansion, other rambling


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      The VHLE will see a boost in team size with 2 teams transferring over from the VHLM. I think this will set an easier goal to start for newer players. The VHL can seem like a league that’s hard to keep up with for just clickers or semi casual players. Maybe this will allow more players to become just a little more engaged in the league as a whole, and of course get more active players staying for the long term. I think this league has done wonders for Nighthawks prospect @Minion . He has now shown he is elite among players in the new “middle” league, and I’m certainly excited to see him hit the ice as a Nighthawk for the first time this season. I’m hoping as a whole that this will in turn help our stability in the VHL, as well as some more possible expansion down the road, which would be really big for the league if we were to continue getting even bigger. 

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