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The Express Gazette (Volume I)


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Hi all, and welcome to the inaugural issue of the Express Gazette! This is going to be a (hopefully) weekly spot I do on here to talk about what's going on in the great city of Cologne, a wonderful place to sim hockey! You'll be able to read about who's performing, what our players are up to in their personal lives with one on one interviews, and maybe even some guest writers! This gazette is going to grow, evolve, it's living, it might be hosted on some server somewhere, and it might just be a bunch of words, but it's a living piece of media that I want to use to keep the good citizens of the VHL engaged with COLOGNE HOCKEY!


 If you have any type of league highlights you want to talk about, want to be interviewed, or break news like the all mighty Woj, this is the spot to do it! Right now in Cologne of course we're just getting settled, Advantage had a lot of decorations up on the wall and I'm deciding if I need to paint and spackle this office or just hang up as many wall arts as he did! For now though, everything is going well, and the Express are planning to bring aboard a new draft class of wide eyed VHLE superstars. 


Till then, conductor Barzy is signing off. 

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