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Bite Sized Berocka Podcast Presser


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1. What are your thoughts on the upcoming entry draft? Any potential sleepers or sure fire studs? Immediate impact players?


2. Which team (other than your current team) would you like to play for in the future if you were ever to hit free agency and what draws you to this team?


3. Any build tips for a new winger just starting out? Attributes to stay away from?

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1. When it comes to player builds, what kind of common archetypes would you say exist in the league?

2. The VHL, VHLM, and VHLE allows for the opportunity of a lot of cities to join in the fun. Which cities would you add to each individual league?

3. Would you rather score a playoff series winner at an away or a home game?

4. Would you rather be a historic goal scorer (like 60+ goals in one season) or a historic point scorer (assuming you had like 20-30 goals)?

5. When it comes to goalies, what do you think the criteria is for them to be HoF worthy?

6. Which 3 European Teams do you think are going to fill in the top 3 for their respective conference?

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