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  1. So a Mayor can be a traitor that seems op. Wait can the Jailor be a traitor...
  2. Lack of Australians I think you will lose
  3. 21. It was unlucky 22. I think Seattle will be another huge force to be reckoned with 23. Riga 24. Simon 25. Scott Greene 26. Always ready for a new cub 27. Stark huge bust 28. Funk he's the reason we won the cups 29. Slept all day then went to gym 30. Applied for jobs 31. Cleaning the house 32. Putting together some new furniture and first game back at cricket 33. Summer is a long way away haha. But winter is mainly cricket 34. Lil' Bana 35. People say I look like Lincoln Lewis. But as I'm am Aussie I'd say a Hemsworth would do. 36. Turkish delight
  4. Answer 6 for 2 TPE 1. Name a fact about Australia 2. Say something nice or negative about @DoktorFunk 3. Say something nice or negative about @DarkSpyro 4. Call out a team you think should be relocated/deleted 5. Where do you think you would relocate them to 6. Give me a pitch on why you should be made a GM 7. What is one rule you would change about the league 8. Invent a new point task for the league 9. Call out another GM on why you would do better than them in their role 10. Who is your VHL rival 11. Who do you want to get to know better in the league 12. Who do you think deserves more praise around the league
  5. Just keep making names from small Australian songs
  6. I want to play worms revolution with some VHLers if anyone owns the game let me know.

    1. Banackock


      Maybe I’ll get it for ya

  7. Ayyyy I got picked for something thanks Tagger
  8. Week 5/7 Applying TPE
  9. Press Conference Attn: @Quik @ColeMrtz @Frank @Sonnet @McWolf @Alex Bridges @David O'Quinn @Ahma @Josh @Brrbisbrr @PadStack @gorlab @Aye my name jeff 1. Gustav ran away during playoffs create a reason why 2. The sims have been found out to be rigged, what should be the punishment 3. What top line would you make if we got to redo sims 4. Which expansion team will do the worst next season 5. Who would you like to see win the cup 6. If you were unprotected in expansion which team do you most want to play for
  10. Welcome to the league mate! Look we can only hope, eventually you will need to expand into Australia if this keeps up
  11. Yeah it makes sense and I just misread it and I know that every GM knows the rule but no where in the description of the rule does it explain that a back up needs to be played 8 time that's all.