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  1. Winner Winner! Repping Fiji. The first time someone from Fiji has won something in VHL!!!
  2. CHECK OUT THE VSN https://vhlforum.com/forum/451-vsn-victory-sports-news/ Hi All, it's your favourite two podcast hosts me and @dasboot with a VHL podcast this time. Hope you all enjoy! https://anchor.fm/berocka-vhl/episodes/One-and-a-Half-Aussies---Episode-10-eovuv0 Timeline: 8:17 - Beard or No Beard 20:44 - Around the VHL Players mentioned: @rory @Riley_Couture @Ricer13 @Garsh @diamond_ace @STZ @CowboyinAmerica @Velevra @Cxsquared @Seabass @OrbitingDeath @DarkSpyro @fever95 @DMaximus @Jeff @fishy @DollarAndADream @Hoo
  3. Berocka

    Games: 14-20

    Ouch World lost one...
  4. Berocka

    Games: 7-13

    Not my fault I tried to leave the better teams for the first gens!
  5. Berocka

    Games: 1-6

    Let me have my 5 minutes of fame before getting sent back to the dungeon
  6. Berocka

    Games: 7-13

    Still yet to beat me mate!
  7. Berocka

    Games: 1-6

    @Victor & @hedgehog337 I am best S75 Goalie in this comp!
  8. Who would like a serial shit fantasy man in their group?
  9. He said above that you need everyones consent who's playing
  10. Hey @IHateBobNutting You have uploaded the Audacity working file I would suggest you export it to an mp3 file or something similar then use Anchor.fm or soundcloud to upload your podcast too. Unfortunately I can't listen to this at the current format.
  11. CHECK OUT THE VSN https://vhlforum.com/forum/451-vsn-victory-sports-news/ Listen to it if you want, was more of a catch up between me and @dasboot than a VHL podcast but hope you enjoy it all the same! https://anchor.fm/berocka-vhl/episodes/One-and-a-Half-Aussies---Episode-9-eoo51a
  12. Vote Caboose sure what ever
  13. It's dumb this whole thing is dumb