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  1. 1. What is a rule you would add to the VHL? 2. What are your thoughts on the theme week from last week? 3. What theme week would you like to see in the future? 4. There has been talk about a lack of roster space available in teams how would you fix it? 5. What is one training drill you enjoy doing? 6. What did you eat for dinner Sunday night? @Big Dee @Advantage @Grape @Berocka @Kmatt @jimmyallen93 @Brrbisbrr @WebberP@Duddy @Azlan @Ricer13 @efiug @GustavMattias
  2. Yeah I am trying to make it interesting The rules are meant to be separate short stories so I never really thought about the AGM GM and term limit interactions Blue team hires 16 AGMs, the GMs fight for who they want
  3. Yeah I thought that you would enjoy a couple of the Southern Hemisphere teams
  4. Alternative Rulebook At first, I thought this was a dumb idea, we will just read about what if I was not drafted here or what if I was not traded, etc. Then I had the thought that this topic could be a great way to bring up changes to the league. The ideas that people keep suggesting in passing they could make a detailed media spot about their changes and how the league would look if this change were already implemented in the past. So let us go through some of the suggestions that have been made in passing and see what the league would look like if they were already written in the
  5. Hello VHL I still consider myself a fairly new member here as I'm only just on my second player. To be honest though my interest in the league as a whole is getting pretty slim. I've had jobs in just about every aspect of the league I guess and each one has been enjoyable. But there are a few things that have slowly been pushing me away. 1) depreciation for Sundqvist was honestly a part of his career which I did not like. You work your butt off every week to grind that tpe so when depreciation hits every 8 weeks you can go straight back to where you were. It's a lot of
  6. Hi ELO is 720 atm but only play bullet lol
  7. I don't eat bogan food like that. Let me guess you probably buy it from a servo
  8. We talk about it in the episode but it was due to the position swap neither of us knew where to pick you so we passed but you would easily make it on a team.
  9. Hello VHL it's your 2nd and 3rd favourite Australian me and @dasboot Welcome back to the VSN Australia podcast. This episode we do a draft off for the S69 (Nice) draftees, please fill out the poll on who you think was the winner! Tagging in our frequent listeners @BOOM @fishy @Beaviss @Peace @Banackock @Jubis @Prout @MattyIce @rory https://anchor.fm/berocka-vhl/episodes/One-and-a-Half-Aussies---Episode-15-etuft3
  10. Okay 372 reasons why @GustavMattias is a bad GM, honestly none of these will shock you!