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  1. I think you mean temporary full expensing. This is what I mean about the ever changing legislation
  2. Berocka Sundqvist has moved back to Australia and he has used his left over money to set up an accounting firm in his home town. He did an accounting degree whilst studying before joining the VHL. His firm he has started up is focusing on mainly small businesses in Australia and looking at their week to week needs. With a large focus on the year end compliance work. This has kept him extremely busy since leaving the VHL. The biggest struggle was opening up a business during the COVID times. Not only was it hard to find clients in a time where a lot of businesses were shut down. The hardest part was keeping up with the ever changing legislation around the offsets and grants that were available from State and Federal government. He has found the company side challenging and engaging where working on individual returns are usually overly complicated and not as profitable. With the increase of capital gains tax regarding the sales and transfers of Cryptocurrency the tax world is an ever changing beast. There is a high number of clients getting involved in Crypto trading without them fully being aware of the taxation implications. This can lead to messy work trying to reconcile and calculate all the taxable sales. One surprising fact of COVID was the increase in property prices leading to more people purchasing and selling their investment properties. The Capital Gains Tax around the sale of properties has always been a tough thing for Sundqvist to calculate and fully get his head around all the rules. He has become surprisingly proficient in the cloud based accounting software and making it one of the big selling points of his firm. He can bring in new clients and easily move them in the right direction of where they should go for their software needs. Starting the firm has shown that Sundqvist really has lost touch with the sense of money during his time in the States playing hockey. He sees his teammates throw around millions of dollars and it is hard to adjust back to small business. He thinks he is finally getting it straight in his head. Knowing when he can bill clients a little bit more and when he needs to take a loss on a job to keep a client happy. He hasn’t really missed the grind of hockey at all though he does miss the fan interactions he used to have. Obviously with ice hockey being a smaller deal in Australia as compared to North America and Europe. He doesn’t get stopped by kids in the street and there is no chance of seeing anyone walking around wearing his Jersey. But even though he is now out of the spot light he likes that there is some anonymity, he can go out to the park with his kids and wife and know he is just like anyone else. So if you want to start up a small business in Australia give Sundqvist & Co Accountants a ring and let them know you are a fan of Seattle!
  3. 1. Australians should get 1.5x TPE 2. I don't like it as it isn't really league based. Could be any number of ideas, how about "League Predictions" do some outrageous predictions for the next 5 seasons 3. Yeah I think we are in a positive spot 4. The Blues will make playoffs and get eliminated round one in 5 games 5. The Hawks won't make playoffs 6. Snow haha, it is over a 24 hour drive for me to go skiing
  4. Well I was going to podcast this week but maybe some other time
  5. Might have to give this a listen
  6. Hi, I think this is a strongly worded article and you are passionate about the topic let me throw in my 5c Vets should be able to predict which teams will be hot or not. You can look at the draft picks and teams with no draft picks will rely on waivers solely to get players and will not be able to compete. Also they start behind the 8 ball in regards to roster size. (i.e. more ice time for you less success for the team) The pitch should tell you roughly how many people are on the team. If you are getting 3rd line minutes you know they have usually 2 full lines. If they offer you 1st line minutes they have next to no players. I 100% believe that there should be an open channel in most locker rooms to help the team find their feet and for alumni to join in conversation. Then once your team has a bit of a comradery then you can move behind closed doors if you need to talk strategy. The problem with this idea is that the waiver system is a way of introducing players into a team all season long. If there is a big influx of people you need the roster space to accommodate. This does already exist and stops teams getting all the waivers
  7. Hi All, trying to think of TPE to claim so thought I would help out Gustav I have just finished watching the Squid Game. I think it was a good show. What is the best show you have seen this year? Speaking of TV shows Amazon released it's doco on the Toronto Maple Leafs. If Amazon were to do one on Davos this season what would make some interesting TV? Should we think of making any trades come the trade deadline? It is getting nice and warm in Australia now and I have already had a few beach days, how cold is it getting for everyone else and what are you most looking forward to in Winter? (for the next two questions look into one game that Davos has played) How do you think your player performed this game? What do you think your player needs to do more to have a bigger impact for the team? @GustavMattias@Berocka@Ricer13@efiug @KC15 @TheCHEESE @Ahma @PatrikLaine @FrostBeard @JardyB10 @tcookie @Banackock
  8. 1. Davos good? Davos Bad? I really do not know 2. You were busy writing love letters. 3. They are doing the old Tonya Harding out here 4. I usually aim for 8 it is sometimes closer to 6 5. It depends what it is, if I ordered those two dishes as they are my favourites I will get them again. If I like the look of other things on the meny I will get that 6. Working, got 80 minutes left before the weekend.
  9. A dumb little idea So, in the NHL at the moment there are the preseason games. I have never really paid attention to these in the past. It is cool to see the young guys get a run up in the big leagues and you hear of peoples names scoring goals. It seems like a good way to get the crowd and fans to learn a bit more about the young up and comers. I wonder how this would work with the VHL. If the VHLM, VHLE and the VHL all played in the same comp. Would we see a 100 TPE person snag a goal, would we see a veteran goaler get lit up. I honestly think it would be a fun little experiment. I am not asking for this to be done it was just a thought that I had and I need some TPE before Gustav fires me as Goaler for Davos. That is all.
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