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  1. Player Name: Berocka SundqvistAttributes You Wish to Update: +10 - Skating +10 - Strength +10 - Puck Handling +10 - Face Offs +20 - Passing +20 - Defence
  2. Give us a solid lead then and we can go from there, until then we know you are evil, everyone else is just guessing
  3. Well do you have any valuable information to reveal?
  4. Josh is not a vampire I am the vampire hunter I have checked over 4 nights and this is what I have found (nothing is the answer btw) N1 - Philliefan not a vampire N2 - Rayzor is not a vampire N3 - Hatter is not a vampire N4 - Josh is not a vampire If we believe the three possible roles that Josh could be one is the jester and he isn't trying to defend himself from being lynched should we be careful
  5. Okay do we believe what Fonzi said about Rayzor... He said he was the medium but had nothing to give us ...
  6. Hi VSN Listeners Do you feel spoiled cause this is 3 podcasts in 3 days! You all read the title and know that this podcast is with Shawn, the previous GM of Davos. He is here to let everyone get to know him and to show the league he is keen to stick around and put the past in the past. I hope you all enjoy and as I put in every podcast put questions, guest recommendations or nominate yourself as a podcast guest here: Hope you enjoy @ShawnGlade can claim for 1 week
  7. Hey Firstly if you want to rejoin the discord so I can answer these questions straight away let me know. So the cap is 12 capped TPE per week this includes One 6 point task which is a 500 word media spot which I see you have completed your first one A VHL related Graphic Or a 15 minute podcast Instead of doing a 6 point task you can complete welfare for 4 tpe or affiliate welfare where you do a 6 point task in either the SBA or EFL. Then you can receive up to another 6 capped tpe there are a few ways of doing this TPE for answering trivia questions 1 tpe per answer (for a max of 2 TPE) TPE of asking/answering press conference questions, 3 questions = 1 tpe (for a max of 2 TPE) A article(150 words), graphic or podcast (5 minute) worth 2 TPE except for the pofdcast is worth 3 tpe (you can complete two different tasks in a week, i.e. 1 article and 1 graphic for 4 tpe) Reviewing, the rules have just recently changed but review a point task for 1 tpe (for a max of 2 reviews) Then you can get 2 uncapped TPE a week by doing Practice Facility
  8. Wow what a way to wake up it looks like the townies are working together. I am random town if you want I can reveal my role if needed. But I do know what the last chaos role is.
  9. Hi All So after a huge break I now present you back to back podcasts this time with @Dil Please if anyone wants to be on a future podcast, has any questions to ask me or future guests post them here: Someone said that Spotify wasn't working great for them so I have compiled a list of places you can find my podcast below:
  10. yeah I should stop doing this before going to bed RIP
  11. Hey @st4rface This is what happened, you created during a time where the wavier signings were not open yet. When the waivers were released I should have sent you an offer straight away it slipped my mind and that is my bad. You are now on the team and in line for sims you missed 2 outta the 72 games and I am sorry. My sincere apologies Berocka