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  1. Hi VHL, So Hello Yukon and Calgary, enjoy this one! @MexicanCow123thank you for joining me on the podcast. I will not be claiming this podcast at all so Mexican Cow can claim for 3 weeks as per the podcast rules. Thanks all please enjoy. Players Mentioned ( @InstantRockstar & @Krice13) - Berocka
  2. Hey @MajesticBuffalo and welcome to the VHL I am Berocka the GM of the Mississauga Hounds. This season we are trying to make a splash and upset some of the big teams. If this sounds interesting to you jump on in with the hounds by quoting this offer and saying "accept" Should you have any questions let me know and best of luck where ever you end up. - Berocka
  3. What do you think of the time limits in regards to podcasts now the change has been out for a while? Do you think this leads to more in depth podcasts or drawn out ones? If you had to create a scale for the podcasts what would it be? Sorry if these have been asked prior!
  4. I am the giver of TPE. This week produced 3 podcasts all multi claims for the guest. Next week is 4 more podcasts get HYPE!


    Also make me an updater so I can be the TPE fairy overnight!

  5. You don't need to be scared they couldn't organise an orgy in a brothel
  6. @Cxsquared, @HulkHogan, @DoktorFunk, @JeffD & @Krice13 you ready to be famous?
  7. Then we can hire people to be the drug testers
  8. Thanks, I am glad people are enjoying them
  9. Welcome aboard mate, I will send you an offer shortly
  10. Happy to assist with anyone who gets the job if they need a hand with STHS or anything! Also a lot of great candidates here so far, best of luck with selection.
  11. Hi VHL, So I have a lot of these upcoming so I don't want to sit on them for too long. I hope all the Philly guys enjoy this one as you have a great GM. @DMaximus thank you for joining me in the podcast and as previously said it is 60+ minutes long so feel free to claim for 2 weeks. Thanks all please enjoy. - Berocka
  12. I think you are going to absolutely year up the VHLM great article!
  13. Hey mate. The regular season should start within the next two days? At the moment there are no jobs for the team, but some could be opening up around the league soon. The VHLM is the minor leagues and once you get enough tpe 250 to be exact you can get called up to play in the VHL.