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  1. Finally we are learning who's Scott Greene
  2. Sundqvist continuously misses the spot By Steven Brockman 1st overall draft pick Berocka Sundqvist has been apart of the so far undefeated Minnesota Storm. The storm have surged to first spot beating everyone in their path so far but this success is due to some great teamwork. Berocka Sundqvist who came into this season as one of the predicted top scorers is currently sitting in tied 5th place for goals scored. But sits the top of the table for shots taken. It comes as a surprise to most analysts as he has usually shown to have a high shot percentage. But the disappointment in his game doesn't stop at the lack of goals scored, he has also spent 18 minutes in the penalty box during the first seven games. It appears that Sundqvist has come out more physical this season. With all this time in the box and also not converting his shots into goals was Sundqvist picked to high and will it come back to bite Minnesota. The thing we know for sure is we are only 10% of the way through the season anything can still happen. Hopefully Sundqvist picks up his game soon.
  3. Mixed emotions but a good game by the Storm #SorryNotSorry @Banana2311
  4. Only an assist that's rough. Should be doing better.
  5. Have any wins been by pinfall or all KO?
  6. Roast me Started beginning of s66 drafted 1st overall s67 vhlm, 17th overall VHL and am Mississauga AGM
  7. 1 - I feel like we are really meshing well as a team and it's good to see everyone performing well 2 - I feel like I am not getting enough shots in for my liking, I am taking a lot of shots but just not converting 3 - Hooper is cool and I would like to get to know him better but Mason just doesn't seem all there unless he is on the ice 4 - Mississauga have been surprisingly good, not the complete bottom feeder most people expected 5 - I always have a very large bowl of cereal before the game 6 - Away games, I am enjoying to see more of the countries in the VHLM.
  8. 56 Helsinki Titans @ Vancouver Wolves - Helsinki 57 HC Davos Dynamo @ Toronto Legion - Toronto 58 Malmo Nighthawks @ Moscow Menace - Malmo 59 New York Americans @ Seattle Bears - Seattle
  9. Hi there @73MPL4R and welcome to the league! I'm Berocka from the Mississauga Hounds, I would like to offer you a spot on our team. I have some good news and some bad news, firstly the bad news... We do not have any chance of winning the cup this year unfortunately. This is where the good news comes in though, we have no centres currently on our team and this leaves you with the opportunity of earning maximum minutes on the ice on our 1st line. If this sounds interesting to you, please quote this offer and write "accepted", if you have any questions at all please ask me or our GM @GustavMattias. Best of luck with your time in the VHL no matter where you end up, we will see you on the ice. Thanks Berocka