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Armani wins Gold for Canada


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 Armani Calamari, who is already riding high from his VHLE championship, has just won gold for his home country of Canada as well in the WJC. He was a big part of the win against Asia, scoring two goals and an assist. He also got an assist in the gold medal game. Now he is standing proud with his hand on his heart as the Canadian anthem plays, with him singing it softy to himself. His dad John is in the crowd as well,this being the first time in a long time that he got to see his son play.

After the ceremony, Armani managed to catch up with his dad while he was in the locker room.


"No dad I am still not sure if I am being called up yet. All I know is that it is a possibility but not a guarantee."

"Don't worry son I understand. I just miss my son sometimes."


"Yeah I get it. At the very least this gold medal must make you proud of this country. I hope to bring more glory once I head to Toronto."


"I am sure you will son. I am sure you will" Armani and John decided to head to grab some food afterwards with rest of the team so they can celebrate.

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