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WJC - Europe wins Silver


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Ariane Leblanc who spent the past few weeks being General Manager for Team Europe in the World Junior tournament, has now solidified herself as a Silver Medal champion. Team Europe today had a medal Celebration where the VHL Commissioner and the World Junior Commissioner were in attendance to award the team the Silver Medal. In attendance was Ariane’s Girlfriend as well as family members of the players.  Assistant General Manager Sam, and Coach Venus, were in attendance as well who were all smiles and jokes. Europe played hard, fast high scoring hockey and took every team to task. Unfortunately their Kryptonite was Team Canada who proved Hungry and dominant. 

Via Grande (Translator)

“I'm proud of Canada, they played a hard style of hockey. Lots of shots, their speed made us draw penalties and we just were not good enough on the penalty kill to make it happen. All props to them, I'm proud of my team. Everyone worked their butts off to put us in a position to win, let's face it Silver is not a bad color” 

She gave a playful wink and went to join her players as they celebrated. There was a lot of standouts in the team, who dominated their way through the round robin section securing a second place finish. A last minute change to the line up before the gold medal game saw less shots, but a closer game. 

Via Grande (Translator)

“I don't regret the line changes. I was trying to spark the team to play harder, get creative and try to throw Canada off, unfortunately it didn't work but what can you do? That’s hockey. I had a blast being apart of this and it was one of the highlights of my life.” 

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