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Stockholm Vikings Team Awards s80!


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Welcome to the first ever team awards for your Stockholm Vikings. It was an amazing first season for us and Thad and I are super proud of the team, even though we did not get the results we wanted. Finishing first place in the regular season was a goal for us, but ultimately, we wanted to go on and win the championship as well. The team put up a great fight and we were eliminated in game 7.  We are super happy to present these team awards, voted by myself and Thad for the first ever season in E history!


Our first award is none other than the MVP. Our MVP came up big time when we needed him most. He was first overall in points this season with 48 goals, 73 assists for 121 points in 72 games. He was a consistent dominate force out there for us this season and we could not be happier about his performance this season. Our MVP is none other than Omi Aberg @osens!!


Our second award is the best defenseman. This award was very hard to decide on due to the fact we have so many talented defensemen on this team, but…. We had to narrow it down to one, and that man is Bob Beach @Big Bob. Bob Beach had a great season with 21 goals, 53 assists for 74 points in 72 games. Beach came up huge with a couple game tying goals when our forwards were struggling to score goals!


Our third award is the best forward. This award winner happens to be our very own MVP and he happens to win our best forward award also. Congrats to Omi Aberg @osens


Our fourth award is the extra goalie award. This award is for one of our players that sacrificed their body day in and day out to block shots and help our goalies no matter what. This player had 208 shot blocks this season. That player is none other than The Loch Ness Monster! @LuluSalesAway.


Our fifth award is the Wrecking Ball. This player was not afraid to throw the body around to make plays. This player had 379 hits this season. This player was also an offensive threat with 26 goals and 59 assists for 85 points this season. This player is Aldwin Craig! Congrats @eldredman!


Our sixth award is the team criminal. This player did not mind fighting or taking a penalty to stop a goal from being scored. This player had 190 PIM this season and probably would have had more if our season continued past the first round. This player is Mr Duk. Congrats @Lefty S!


Our final award was the heart and spirit award. This award was for the most active and engaging person in the locker room. This person went out of their comfort zone and applied for an AGM job and got the job. It feels very odd to write about myself, but Thad picked me for this award, so congrats to me I guess lol! 


This concludes the s80 team awards, Thad and I would like to thank the team for giving us such an amazing first season in the E and we appreciate everyone who set the E up and everyone who played on our team. The team awards will be more visually pleasing as time goes on but I am still learning. Cheers to everyone!

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