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Training and Surfing


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The offseason is coming to an end and the VHLM draft is right around the corner. Ipo Kawaii did fly back to Maui, after the Miami Marauders had been swept by Yukon, to see his family and to train for the next season. He also organized a roller hockey match with friends he didn’t see in a long time. He was focused on his training but also took time to relax on the beach. He trained his balance while surfing and running on the beach. A good mix of vacation and training, he didn’t  think too much about hockey during that time but the draft was always in the back of his mind, to keep him motivated. While training almost each day, Kawaii did take some time to relax. Miami has some great beaches and waves to surf, but Hawaiian beaches are just something else. 


After a little taste of the VHLM with the Miami Marauders, Kawaii really wants to have success in the league. For that he knew he needed to train really hard to bring his game to the other level and compete with the other teams. 



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