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  1. Gucci with the hatty
  2. you son of a bitch I will listen while I fall asleep because you just have that kind of voice
  3. Nothing personal but that's how I feel about everyone
  4. sentences seem like an arbitrary milestone to ensure completion, you can achieve the same value in responses effectively by requiring a minimum amount of tasks, items, subjects, etc.. imo tbh irl iirc
  5. Lol "On behalf of the VHL commissioners, fuck off" I'm glad the game spread haha I myself haven't played since the pandemic, very unfortunate. I learned the game on a visit with friends at u of iowa and brought it back to purdue. I think my tipping point was when we started using four loko in that game. Good to hear from ya!
  6. What if you actually paid attention to the VHL?
  7. Has this been expressed to the mod team? First I've heard of it
  8. Yeah I noticed a dramatic difference after wearing them, especially during work.