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Obi Adesanya - A New Star?


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Meet Obi Adesanya:





Obi Adesanya reigns from Cameroon in Central Africa, not typically known for its ice hockey prospects. Obi took up the sport when he was 6-years-old and made it his primary focus as he grew up. Most of his friends were into soccer or basketball, but Obi had the luxury of a wealthy family and was able to send him to an academy in France when he was 9. He and his friends would play soccer while in Cameroon during the summer time, which developed his hand-eye coordination and endurance abilities. While French hockey wasn't the most competitive, it gave Obi the much needed ice time to develop his hockey skills and become a better skater. Obi was noticed by a few scouts as he was in the junior ranks and he was chosen to play on a 14-u traveling team who played across Europe and even a bit in Russia, where the competition was much too strong for Obi's French league team. However, it gave him the experience playing with great competition and molded him into the junior player he is today.


Obi was a bigger kid when he was younger, but he has not grown quite as tall as the professional scouts had expected. He may still have a bit of growing to do yet, but currently he sits at 6'1 and 205 pounds, very thick for an 18-year-old but not surprising given his ability to gain muscle mass even at a young age. Obi seemed destined for a defensive grinder type of playing style, but his quick footwork given his soccer background has shaped him into a quicker forward, more specifically a left wing. Obi has developed a world class wrist shot, which many believe to already be the best in the draft. His puck handling is decent as well, but he will need players around him to be able to set him up for scoring chances until he becomes a little better on his feet. Obi is a projected late round pick due to his late entry into the draft, but scouts are well aware of his potential and what he could blossom into. At only 18-years-old, Obi could have the most potential in the draft as well, but there are still many unknowns about whether his playing style and lack of experience will be able to translate to the VHL. Taking Obi will definitely be a risk, but it could pay huge dividends if he continues to develop.

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