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  1. Sorry, to clarify, I meant that staff would have a unique color. Perhaps GM's and even AGM's would also have a color for that category. Everyone else would have the team roles and colors. For example, in that server, I am one of maybe two users with that color since I'm a certain staff position. Everyone else can easily identify staff members, and also other people who support the same team. This concept would slide in perfectly with your proposed idea to have people on the same team with a specific role and color.
  2. I mean, you can still keep your colors or at least a unique color. This is a server I manage with over 1,000 members, and the staff have some lighter colors that are unique, while the rest of the members have the role and color of their favorite NFL team.
  3. I love this idea as well. If you look at most Discord servers, the newest members are typically the only ones with a white name, simply because they're too new to fall into a category. However, engagement rises when people have something to be affiliated with, regardless of whether that's their VHL/VHLM team or simply their draft class. The possibilities are endless, and I think maybe even a committee of Discord Managers would be perfect to manage it. Essentially, it can be a entry level job as Proto suggested, which is purely focused on managing roles. This would also allow for a level of interaction with new members so that roles can be distributed efficiently. (Less white just looks better imo)
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    Not sure if there are any positions open, but just wanted to throw my name in the hat as well. Due to my university schedule (and potentially my summer internship schedule) being a bit relaxed due to COVID, I'm finding myself with spare time that I've been investing into VHL and other activities. If there's a form or application to fill out, I'd be more than happy to go through that as well!
  5. Spartan

    A Seal Torn

    I know this already has a review, but thought I'd toss in some words as well. The concept you're thinking of is really cool, and I think a few tweaks could get this pulled off at a really high level. You may want to consider messing with the brightness and the contrast, as it's a lot of brightness at the moment, which makes it a little difficult to see all the components of this sig. I agree with Pengu, the text also needs a bit of work to make it legible, but the concept is definitely really cool. Love the positioning of the player on the sig, as it also covers up the logo so that you don't have to worry about a logo swap. Overall, I'd give it a 6.5/10!
  6. After 17 games, it may be fair to say that Alex Letang has settled into his role as a 2nd pairing defenseman for the Las Vegas Aces. Through 17 games, Letang has 11 points, all of which are assists. Letang is also closing in on cracking the top 10 in league +/- with a rating of 16, good for best on his team. Letang credits the rating to his solid defensive play, and his penchant for blocking shots with 12 blocked shots on the year. Letang aims to continue to bolster his defensive IQ and skills over the next few weeks, and then move his focus towards building strength and working on his shot. That first goal has been elusive, but Letang is confident that it will come soon. After the first calendar month of the season, the Las Vegas Aces are flying high in the standings, with 26 points - good for 2nd in the league. Las Vegas boasts a balanced attack, with 8 players scoring at a point per game pace at minimum. The team is led by dynamic goal scorers SS Hornet and Joe Proto, along with stars Pengu and Jeff Blaze. The team has been especially dominant in the first period, where they have scored 46 out of their 96 goals on the season (47.92%). Their strong starts have contributed to their rank in the standings, as other teams simply struggle to keep up with the early offensive barrage. However, the Aces aim to avoid taking their foot off the gas by keeping up the energy and attention to technique. The upcoming month should be exciting for the Aces and Letang, with the rust getting shaken off and the chemistry on the team developing nicely. Everyone is aiming to dethrone Ottawa from their first place ranking, and everyone has full confidence that the team can meet that goal.
  7. 109 Malmo Nighthawks @ Vancouver Wolves 110 Toronto Legion @ Prague Phantoms 112 Helsinki Titans @ HC Davos Dynamo 113 Riga Reign @ Moscow Menace
  8. Big props to @Poptart and @McWolf for the success I've had so far. Only looking to rise even higher and get my current and future team some W's. Appreciate the recognition @Patrik Tallinder!
  9. Done Columbus Blue Jackets & Find A League!
  10. Thanks again for the questions Viper! 1. I think we definitely have the ability to keep up this pace, especially when the new folk continue to update and develop at a solid pace. 2. I think first games are always tough, especially with brand new teammates and new leadership. It always takes a game to figure out some chemistry and really mesh together. 3. I am pretty happy, I've got 8 points in 10 games as a mostly defensive defenseman. Just hoping to keep contributing on offense and playing lockdown defense. 4. I think our GM and AGM are setting us up for success, so I definitely think we can keep winning. Just gotta make sure we don't get too overconfident. 5. It'll probably be on us rookies, but hopefully @McWolf feels kind with the wad of cash he's sitting on. 6. Of course, our success starts from our leadership and he's been solid. His leadership along with our Alternates will determine whether we continue our pace.
  11. Alex Letang - Junior Review Alex Letang likes to joke that he didn't choose to play hockey, but that hockey chose him. Alex was born into the hockey life, as his father Kris played defenseman for the Pittsburgh Penguins. All of his early life, Alex remembered watching his dad play live and on the television. Sometimes he'd even go on YouTube with his dad to watch the 2016 and 2017 Stanley Cup victory celebrations, where Kris brought him onto the ice for post-game interviews. As soon as Alex learned to walk, his father immediately put him on skates. As the months and years passed, Alex was fluent on skates and had moved on to using a stick as well. Kris had a mini ice rink installed in the backyard, where the duo would practice together, with Kris forcing Alex to participate in physically draining conditioning drills. However, the practice bore fruit when Alex finally joined a youth team. As a young defenseman, Alex had a lot to learn about his role on a team. He had decided to be a defenseman, like his father, but his instincts screamed at him to be an offensive minded defenseman. He would constantly join rushes at inopportune times and end up out of position on aggressive takeaway attempts, much to the ire of his coaches. He never failed to score points, however, the coaches would constantly ask him to switch positions to a forward due to his lack of defensive awareness. Stubbornly, and out of respect to his father, Alex never budged, insisting his role on a team was to be a defenseman. In order to develop the defensive awareness and intelligence that was lacking, Alex would take time on off-days to watch film with his father, often picking his brain on when to play aggressively and when to settle back and let the forwards focus on offense. The film study and extra training helped, as Letang improved tremendously in the defensive aspects of his game, drawing the eye of various junior teams and colleges. Alex joined the Calgary Flames Midget AAA team as a 15 year old, and performed well, posting 23 points in 34 games. His attention to detail on defense paid off, but the offensive production declined. He then joined the Brooks Bandits of the AJHL for his 16 and 17 year old seasons, where he refined his two way game, and exploded on both ends of the ice. Over two seasons with the Bandits, Letang posted 34 goals and 96 assists, for an impressive 130 points in 108 games. His strength and conditioning training with his father also helped, as he played through both seasons without any major injuries. These performances led him to UMass Amherst, where he caught the eyes of pro scouts in the VHL. Letang took a season to adapt to the pace of the NCAA, posting 21 points in 34 games, but created offense and provided steady defense in a way unseen in stat lines. The team's puck possession numbers surged when he was on the ice, and he consistently suppressed shots again, all while creating high numbers of offensive chances. For his sophomore season, he was named captain, and absolutely dominated, posting a 16/33/49 stat line over 41 games. Impressed with his overall performance, the Las Vegas Aces selected him 26th overall in the 3rd round of the S71 VHLM draft, sparking the beginning of a potentially exceptional pro career.