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  1. the irony of this in conjunction with your sig is fucking hilarious
  2. Ya I'd use the profile field for render so I can display my everlasting love for John Marino
  3. New PC Q's (Week ending 5/9) 1. The Draft Lottery Tournament is over, and we came last. After the last game, a reporter comes up to you and stupidly asks, "why did you guys suck?" What's your response? 2. If you answer before the lottery, which picks do you think we'll get? (We can get any combination of 2 picks between 1st and 3rd overall). If you're answering after the lottery, did we do well? Or did we get shafted? 3. There's been mild chatter in the LR about not having an official AGM for Moscow. Do you think I should hire one? Why? 4. Now that we're in the
  4. Check out the "standings" tab on the portal, in the "pro league" dropdown.
  5. As some of you may have seen, I accidentally turned a VHL.com article into a 1k word media spot for the 2nd time in a row. It has had a costly effect on me, as I have lost 1 uncapped TPE for the month of April in both the EFL and the SBA. Therefore, I will make sure to write no more than 300 words here to ensure I can use this for an affiliate check, at the risk of writing incomplete statements and ideas. Mainly, I'd like to chat about the Moscow LR. I believe I had stated in a VHL.com article towards the beginning of the season that I wanted to open up the Moscow LR on Discord to
  6. It's a problem man, I just can't shut up and press send once I hit the word count. If it comes to mind, it has to be written down lol.
  7. Thanks for the read and review! Always happy to get feedback/responses to what I write. Regarding the VHL team wants/needs, I know VSN Scouting will be putting out a mock draft after the prospect interviews, so that'll be much more comprehensive look at each team's needs. Hopefully it's informative! Also, had to talk about the draft and how I was thinking about it while being coy lol, can't ever reveal my intent. That being said though, I genuinely do think that there is a lot of talent at the top of the draft, and I know GM's will have to make some very tough decisions. Not even 1oa will be a
  8. Yeah I need to learn to not elaborate on every thought that pops into my head. I'll blame my lack of affiliate check claims on my inability to write less than 300 words in one sitting.
  9. Time for the monthly VHL.com to claim as affiliate checks! Anyways, since the last media spot/blab, our final regular season position was determined, as well as the projected pick ranges for our two first rounders. For the second season in a row, I'm excited that Moscow holds 2 picks in the top 3, also holding the projected 1st and 2nd overall selections. Luck's really been on our side so far, as two trades with projected contenders in the past two seasons have ended up with Moscow receiving the 1st overall pick, or at least the best odds for it. Do I expect this trend to continue? Hopefully n
  10. Question for Brozik: Will you still be playing hockey after a season in the minors?
  11. "I feel like Stevie Wonder "