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  1. You asked how player trades would work and I responded with a suggestion. I don't have any power to make changes. If Mexico City sucks and a 200 TPE player asks to leave, they could be traded for a 100 TPE player on Yukon who'd be coming back next season.
  2. It counted players on rosters currently, not players eligible to be in the M. Just to see if we redistributed teams today.
  3. high tpe for low tpe player for the future. 1 for 1 to make sure rosters aren't imbalanced in #
  4. Not contesting, providing numbers because I was curious about how teams would look this season if players were evenly distributed by position. 2.25 C 6.25 W 3.5 D 1.6 G All on a per team basis, so about 8 forwards, 3 or 4 defensemen, 1 goalie. Obviously TPE makes it look a lot different, but the roster sizes are pretty decent. 12-13 players per team.
  5. There have been penalties levvied before for teams not properly pitching waivers. I fully hope, and expect to see punishments this offseason as well.
  6. No worries, I see what you mean as well now. There have been a lot of discussions on how to fix the issue with draft picks. Some teams have like 2 picks in the 4th and 5th round, while other teams have like 6 picks in the first 2 rounds. There's even been some circumventing of 1st and 2nd round pick limits that commissioners need to fix. Yukon and Houston are two teams that have taken advantage of the loophole brilliantly in the past few seasons. It does need to get fixed. To prevent teams from being so disproportionately loaded, draft pick trading needs to be severely limited. I don't have a proposed solution, but I know any solution will have to involve limiting how many picks can be traded. If they're online, yes, hopefully they get some time to respond. I think it's more of a concern if there are days between responses without any heads up. If they're online and active on discord, then it's expected they answer. I hope that no one gets ignored, and if there is intentional avoidance of a player, it's another situation to alert commies of. I don't think any M GM or AGM would do it intentionally though (hopefully)!
  7. 1,062 words, will be claiming it as a review for 1 tpe.
  8. Agreed. At least in specific regards to its purpose compared to what it actually is. For a bit of context, the VHLM TPE Cap was reduced to 200 from 250, because the VHLE started operations as a middle league, from 201 TPE to 400 TPE. In order to try and make the VHLM more developmental, the cap was reduced to reduce player skill a little and therefore, attempting to disincentivize teams from trying to load up on capped players because the parity between the average member and a capped 200 TPE player wouldn't be that profound. However, it's basically just reinforced the cyclical nature of the VHLM, where if you're not going all out to compete, you're tanking to hell. If you're competing, you make moves to look like Yukon, Ottawa or Minnesota. Very few future draft picks, or you signed all the recreates in that season's waiver class. Teams like Mississauga and Houston sold their players when they could, effectively blowing up their teams and looking forward to the future. The real solution here is to eliminate the ability to have these extremes, and I know plenty of people have made suggestions on how to do this. Not going to address them. So the most important factor for this question is when you created in the VHL. If you create before the trade deadline, you have a choice between playing a lot of minutes for a team outside playoffs, decent minutes for a fringe playoff team, or very little minutes on a playoff lock. You seem to have joined on 10/21, a week ago - after the trade deadline I believe. You simply had the worst luck in that there were maybe 10-12 games left in the season, so wherever you joined wasn't going to really make a large impact on your stats. All you could do was try and select a team based on the ones who offered. Most of the time, they won't be those top teams because Minnesota had 14 skaters, Ottawa with 19 skaters, and Yukon with 18 skaters. Those top teams are basically set because of all the signings and trades they made earlier in the season. While there is the argument against allowing a handful of teams to get so overloaded with talent in any given season, I think it is important to understand the context at the time. In this case, you were mostly unlucky since every team basically knew their fate. You either get good minutes for 10 games, or no minutes and a shot at playoffs. Recreates have always been a point of contention. The teams that don't get them as waivers call for rule changes to limit recreates as you've said. However, it's a different team every season, or a different combination of teams every season. Minnesota has 5 recreates in 16 players, 2 of whom joined as waivers (after the trade deadline last week). Ottawa has 7 recreates out of 21, 2 of whom were waivers as well. Yukon has 10 recreates out of 20 skaters, 4 of whom were waivers. Maybe Yukon is just the most imbalanced one, but there will always be one team each season that has more recreates. It could be a team with a lot of high draft picks, or a team that drafted a couple recreates and were able to sign their friends later in the season. Waivers in the VHLM are about the only time in a recreate's playing career where they can choose where to play, and who to play with. It's long been an argument of why we shouldn't be limiting recreate waivers, because they're generally only for the last 10-12 games of the regular season and then playoffs. They go back into the draft afterwards. You can't stop people from wanting to play with their friends for part of a season, but you can definitely limit how many get drafted to a team. I know a proposed solution to parity issues as you initially mentioned has been to stop draft pick trading. It'd remove a lot of the cyclical nature of the M, and keep teams a bit more balanced. Does it basically eliminate any actual "management" portion of the M and turn M GM's into just mentors? Yeah, just about. Is it necessary? Maybe not to that extent, but a limit is needed for sure. Also specifically to the "have people on the team to ask questions," most M teams don't remove alumni. I know quite a few people who are in multiple M LR's, myself included. We stay in there for various purposes, scouting is my main reason. But I am happy to answer questions if people have them. I was asked if you could even post this article today and be able to claim it next week . Small stuff, us veterans do try and hang around first-gens to help out. So part of what we realized in this pandemic era is that people had a lot more free time than before. COVID restrictions being lifted, and school/work going back to in person/hybrid systems mean that people don't have as much time to keep an eye on their LR or DM's as they might have before. I know a few M GM's have been hit hard with this, as they now have school, after school activities, and even various sports practices that now take up most of their time. I think we also need to be a bit flexible with our team management, acknowledging that people have their own lives and will try their best to make time for their teams. If they're not around, then hopefully there are other people in the LR (alumni/guests) who you can ask questions to. If there is a situation where players are actually actively encouraged not to interact in a LR, I'd report that to @diamond_ace or @McWolf immediately. That's unacceptable. Love having open dialogue's, nicely written article! It's always nice to see new members' perspectives, especially so soon after creation. No two experiences are the same, and it's important to have these discussions when things are working as smoothly as they could. Retention is the #1 priority of the minor league and anyone affiliated with it. It's great to get back to those roots and shine a light on the issues surrounding it. 10/10 article
  9. Yeah, in my opinion, this is one of the toughest areas to really fix. Most of the disqualifications last season came from members who weren't particularly active on forums in the first place. There were a couple of other more veteran users who got disqualified, for various reasons, some appealed and got a payout reduction. Last season was odd, because it was my first managing VHFL, so I had to balance a very late start to VHFL since there was no proper hire, and also following the rules and precedents. I wanted to get groups moving as quickly as possible, because I don't like when groups finish at very different times. Part of why I'm hesitant to make a large structural change is because out of 114 participants in S79, 5 were disqualified and 2 received reduced payouts. That's about 6% of participants who either got skipped, or would have gotten skipped if they didn't appeal. It's such a pretty low number that I have no plans to change pick lengths. People already try to make their group take as much time as possible with 12 hours, and that's also something that is on the list to try and disincentivize. Also - slight aside. How are people in the Eastern world consistently asleep during their pick? It's a 12 hour window, does it just work out that your 12 hour selection falls during your night time? I'd think that it's pretty variable since every pick isn't an exact 12 hours, therefore more variability in when your pick window starts. Then again, work/school also impacts how much time you have in a day to make a selection. I don't want to start VHFL before Free Agency opens, but I also don't want it going a week into the season. Need more suggestions on what could work!
  10. So there is still some stuff pending that needs more fine tuning. I know time zones can hurt some people more than others, which was a root problem in your article. I've been thinking about potentially creating groups of people in similar timezones, or trying to set up a live draft on discord, almost like a NHL draft on Yahoo. Everyone shows up for 20-30 minutes to get it done. However, this is going to take more logistical planning than I've barely begun to approach, and better structuring in the sign up that I have yet to work on. I hope that at the least, the shift away from disqualifying users and more leeway for flexibility will be a temporary solution to your issue. I think we can make special allowances to people with valid time issues such as yourself without completely revamping how VHFL works.
  11. As some of you have seen, VHFL rules were revamped yesterday after the S80 regular season concluded. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out here. For those of you new to the VHL, or new to VHFL, and don't know what VHFL is, it's basically the VHL's version of fantasy hockey. You get assigned groups of 6, who then draft teams of 3 forwards, 2 defensemen, and 1 goalie. The highest scoring team in a group receives 6 uncapped TPE, the lowest scoring team receives 1 TPE. You will always get at least 1 TPE! Anyways, the first and only time VHFL rules seem to have been touched was back in 2016, when the original VHFL rules post went up. It was pretty standard, describing the basic rules and scoring. Over time though, concerning trends have emerged, as many folks have covered over the seasons. There was a community fantasy suggestion thread that had some VHFL concerns and suggestions, a lovely post by @Berocka describing his thoughts on how he'd change VHFL, another community suggestion thread with VHFL suggestions buried in there, and also my own statistical breakdown of why I considered VHFL broken. I'm sure there are plenty more, those were just some of the most prominent ones I found when searching VHFL on forums and looking for suggestions/complaints. While the change is still pretty fresh and hasn't received a lot of attention, @GustavMattias had a brief post talking about the VHFL changes, and @Beketov chimed in a bit. As promised, I will break down all changes to VHFL, in order of how they're structured in the new rules post. --- Disclaimer: This is a somewhat lengthy post, but I have tried to make it as concise as possible without excluding relevant information. There is no TLDR. I have tried to organize it as best as I can, but Section 3 - Scoring is a behemoth. Lot of words, lot of stats. If you don't like lots of numbers, skip that part. --- Section 1 - Basic Structure No changes Section 2 - Payout Change: In some instances, listed in Section 4: Drafting, a user may receive 50% of their final payout. Payouts always round up to the nearest whole number. (Ex. 2.5 -> 3, 1.5 -> 2, 0.5 -> 1) Rationale: In S80, a couple situations popped up where users missed two picks and made appeals to avoid being completely disqualified, therefore losing out on any VHFL payout. We're participating in this community for fun, so it seems fair to try and accommodate users when the situation warrants it. For example, a user had an issue with both forum notification settings, and also being in a different time zone than most of his group. He missed two picks, but was allowed to continue for a 50% reduction in final pay. Another user missed the 12 hour window by minutes, and was prompt to respond when being skipped. Considering how well DQ teams end up doing since they get picked by the VHFL manager, this is probably a merciful change for everyone. Section 3 - Scoring Old Scoring: New Scoring: and So a lot has changed here. The graphs in the "Why VHFL is Broken" media spot show why these changes were necessary. Below is a sample graph. Point shares make up what % of each skater's (forward or defenseman) VHFL points were made up of hits and shots blocked. Hits were generally fine, in most cases, even a bit lower than expected. Hits generally making up under 25% of the top 20% of skaters seemed a bit low for me, answering @GustavMattias's question of why hits were increased from 0.2 to 0.3. Hits have never been problematic in VHFL, despite the claims being floated around that they were. (S78 Graph of Hit point share and SB point share vs total VHFL points) Shots blocked was the real issue. The entire cluster spanning 50%+ were defensemen. The entire cluster underneath 25% were forwards. Once again, forwards weren't being properly compensated for physical play, in a comprehensive manner. The forwards who were taking advantage of the high shot block value were the ones on the worst teams, which naturally surrender the most shot attempts against, therefore generating the most blocked shots. The overall fix was to stop treating forwards and defensemen the same. Their scoring has been split apart, as defensemen naturally log more blocked shots, and on average, more hits. Granted, the top "power forwards" will pace the league in hits, but they are outliers. The Groovy Doods, the Mikko Lahtinens, the Christian Mingles. Hits across the board were increased by 0.1 to try and bring the average point share a bit closer to 25%, to ensure we don't lose value on physical builds. Shots blocked were nerfed across the board, but most severely for defensemen who saw a reduction of 0.5 points per shot block, and forwards saw a reduction of 0.2. Keeping them at 0.8 was a bit too imbalanced for my liking. (S80 Graph of Hit point share and SB point share vs total VHFL points POST SCORING CHANGE) This was the result of the change, using S80 stats. Overall, the massive defenseman SB cluster has basically joined up with the forward SB cluster, and the overall average is in a bit better place that I'd prefer, hovering slightly under 25%. Hits also got some love, averaging more closely to 25% rather than the 15% range under old scoring. The section between 250 and 350 is especially cool to see, as the point share for hits and shots blocked varies tremendously. It is now possible to be a top VHFL player without having ridiculous amounts of hits and shots blocked, therefore busting the meta of targeting 1. physical point scorers and 2. average/decent players on bad teams. Another big change was to non-physical attributes. Defensemen now get more love for putting up points, with goals increasing to 3 points from 2, and assists to 1.5 from 1. Forwards don't see any change to goals, but receive a 0.3 increase to assists. Playmaker players seem to have been lost in the shuffle, as players with high assist numbers received no love. You're welcome @IHateBobNutting, assists matter too! However, I acknowledge that sometimes high assist numbers are a byproduct of forward linemates, therefore only a slight increase. Defensemen are largely driven by assists, and with the sharp reduction in shots blocked, it seemed fair to reward point scoring as well. This significantly increases the disparity between elite defensemen and average defensemen, making only 15 of the top 30 S80 VHFL players post-scoring change defensemen, wirth only 3 defensemen in the top 3. Woooooo, diversity in statistical groups! The impact is clear in the revised point share graph below, which combines hits and shot blocked point shares for skaters, essentially creating a measure of what percentage of a skater's VHFL points comes from their physical play. This shows that the two physical stats generally make up about 40% of a player's final VHFL score, with the top physical players reaching 50% or higher. Jared Carter, who put up 355 hits and 135 blocked shots in a dominant physical performance, while also scoring 9 goals and 65 assists has his physical performance rewarded with 65.97% of his total VHFL points coming from hits and blocked shots. Physicality is not dead! I think that was a brief concern I saw in Gus' post. (Combined Hit/SB point share vs total VHFL points POST SCORING CHANGE) The final change was the addition of the +/- attribute. I hate the +/- stat to measure a player's defensive aptitude, as there are plenty of factors as to why it's not an accurate stat to measure individual defensive capability. However, it is a TREMENDOUS measure to determine whether you are getting boosted by playing on a BAD team, or if your stats may be slightly reduced because you play on a really GOOD team. For example, two Toronto players in S80 got the #1 and #2 forward positions in VHFL despite being a combined -89. Yep. They were on the ice for a combined 89 more goals against than for. It's a clear impact of how STHS is forced to give points to the few competent players on openly tanking teams. Adding 0.2 points, or removing 0.2 points per total +/- helps negate that impact a little bit. Here is the best way I can show you the difference from the old scoring system to the new one - with the top 30 skaters under the old system vs the new one using S80 statistics. I'm sorry if the tables are messed up for you, I suppose you should just get a bigger screen. Or take my word for it. Old: Rank ID # Player Name POS G A HIT SB Total Points 1 25 Reylynn Reinhart D 27 75 268 183 329 2 19 R D 26 78 189 179 311 3 105 Hadrian D 15 45 291 213 303.6 4 65 Chicken Wing D 23 53 79 235 302.8 5 5 Asher Reinhart C 59 59 42 144 300.6 6 86 Zeedayno Chara D 25 43 256 195 300.2 7 18 Matty Socks D 29 75 172 157 293 8 39 Victor Grachev D 23 67 179 179 292 9 14 Jeffrey Pines D 25 83 49 183 289.2 10 6 Kristof Welch D 34 81 20 167 286.6 11 40 Kasper Kankkunen D 20 70 175 172 282.6 12 11 Duncan Idaho RW 54 56 365 43 271.4 13 41 Battre Sandstrom D 16 73 262 140 269.4 14 135 Rusty Knale D 9 32 311 195 268.2 15 36 Robin Galante Nilsson D 20 74 117 159 264.6 16 77 Jaromir Lemiuex RW 36 36 105 167 262.6 17 103 Sven Reikkinen D 27 34 36 209 262.4 18 73 Jared Carter C 9 65 355 135 262 19 42 Jiggly Gumballs D 9 79 242 144 260.6 20 71 Hard Markinson D 28 47 173 153 260 21 70 Tom Eagles D 24 51 201 151 260 22 4 Groovy Dood LW 61 59 279 28 259.2 23 78 Tui Sova D 22 50 158 165 257.6 24 94 Lucifer Olivier Leveque D 15 49 145 184 255.2 25 53 Aurelien Moreau D 8 74 250 141 252.8 26 17 That Dude C 40 66 330 47 249.6 27 16 Henry Tucker RW 47 59 369 28 249.2 28 60 Linus Zetterstrom D 13 65 59 183 249.2 29 3 Tyler Reinhart RW 63 63 156 36 249 30 82 Magnus Verlander LW 34 37 248 117 248.2 New: Rank ID # Player Name POS G A HIT SB +/- Total Points 1 25 Reylynn Reinhart D 27 75 268 183 28 334.4 2 11 Duncan Idaho RW 54 56 365 43 41 324.3 3 19 R D 26 78 189 179 77 320.8 4 4 Groovy Dood LW 61 59 279 28 41 307.4 5 16 Henry Tucker RW 47 59 369 28 37 305.6 6 18 Matty Socks D 29 75 172 157 37 305.6 7 35 John LeClair II LW 44 50 390 36 33 298.2 8 17 That Dude C 40 66 330 47 3 293.6 9 3 Tyler Reinhart RW 63 63 156 36 76 291.5 10 5 Asher Reinhart C 59 59 42 144 -19 289.9 11 6 Kristof Welch D 34 81 20 167 39 287.4 12 73 Jared Carter C 9 65 355 135 -29 284.2 13 10 Gunnar Odinsson RW 40 71 292 32 22 283.5 14 41 Battre Sandstrom D 16 73 262 140 17 281.5 15 39 Victor Grachev D 23 67 179 179 9 278.7 16 14 Jeffrey Pines D 25 83 49 183 44 277.9 17 1 Jivere Zolnek C 46 87 135 29 73 277.6 18 40 Kasper Kankkunen D 20 70 175 172 23 273.7 19 86 Zeedayno Chara D 25 43 256 195 -9 273 20 37 Christian Mingle C 35 56 327 44 28 272.9 21 42 Jiggly Gumballs D 9 79 242 144 40 269.3 22 8 Jerome Reinhart LW 47 67 161 39 76 268 23 13 Robert Bouchard C 46 63 182 48 27 262.7 24 71 Hard Markinson D 28 47 173 153 47 261.7 25 36 Robin Galante Nilsson D 20 74 117 159 38 261.4 26 70 Tom Eagles D 24 51 201 151 24 258.9 27 105 Hadrian D 15 45 291 213 -25 258.7 28 66 Phil The Rock Johnson RW 30 46 403 20 29 258.5 29 53 Aurelien Moreau D 8 74 250 141 7 253.7 30 82 Magnus Verlander LW 34 37 248 117 -36 253.5 Overall, scoring is a lot more balanced. The biggest takeaway here is that you now have to be more intentional with choosing defensemen. No longer can you afford to consistently wait until the 5th round to pick a defensemen who will probably land in the top 10. There are clear top forwards, and top defensemen. Identifying them will be more difficult, but picking offensive players, even those who lack physicality, is now viable. Oh and goalies were tweaked a bit. Wins are now 2 points instead of just 1, saves got increased to 0.1 each, but there is finally a penalty for goals against. No longer can you coast on volume alone. Old Top 10: Rank # Goalie Name W SO SA GA Fantasy Points 1 14 Trent Gibson 19 1 3231 269 231.34 2 2 Jean Pierre Camus 49 5 2445 159 234.02 3 1 Markus Emerson Jr 54 1 2563 185 225.46 4 10 Jacob Carson 32 1 2782 236 215.22 5 12 Thadius Sales 27 0 2577 232 191.15 6 5 Artem Tretiak 36 2 2384 181 200.21 7 7 Kunibuni UnGuri 33 1 2419 207 192.84 8 13 Tater Tot 25 1 2573 226 194.29 9 8 Grekkark Gyrfalcon 32 2 2338 207 191.17 10 11 Andrew Bowman 28 0 2724 243 201.67 New Top 10: Rank # Goalie Name W SO SA GA Fantasy Points 1 2 Jean Pierre Camus 49 5 2445 159 272.1 2 1 Markus Emerson Jr 54 1 2563 185 258.3 3 5 Artem Tretiak 36 2 2384 181 211.8 4 10 Jacob Carson 32 1 2782 236 205.6 5 14 Trent Gibson 19 1 3231 269 204.7 6 6 Sirkants Klamasteris 35 1 2344 176 203.8 7 3 Rara Rasputin 38 1 2136 172 191.4 8 7 Kunibuni UnGuri 33 1 2419 207 188.7 9 8 Grekkark Gyrfalcon 32 2 2338 207 183.6 10 4 Kevin Malone 36 2 2324 219 183 Wins are more likely to land a goalie at the top. However, to avoid just selecting the goalie with the best team in front of them, the volume stats (saves) are still included, albeit at a reduced amount. The GA penalty drops Trent Gibson from 1 to 5, and Thadius Sales completely off the board. Overall, there were a lot of changes to scoring, and I'm writing this at 1 AM so I doubt I've really explained it all super in depth. If you need more clarification on this section, I'd be happy to answer questions or provide more statistics in the comments. Section 4 - Drafting Changes: Rules were added to clean up the end of drafts. Rationale: There were situations where the final person to select in a draft could hold up a group from being finished, and there was no written rule or precedent to skip or disqualify that person/those people. Adding a 6 hour grace period from the final pick to get a group wrapped up clarifies that area, and also allows for partial payouts instead of a pure disqualification because shit happens. Reducing the amount of disqualifications is better for everyone. Section 5 - Group Managers Changes: Just about this entire section is new, and formally details the role of, expectations for, and the resulting compensation for group managers. There is also now a rule that group managers can have pay stripped for not properly managing their group. Rationale: Group manager is a position that receives 1 additional uncapped TPE just for helping the VHFL manager out. It's difficult to keep an eye on 20+ groups, so having group managers helps to keep groups moving between VHFL manager check-ins. However, it's also a popular role since you're guaranteed at least 2 TPE for being a group manager, with the 1 minimum for last place plus the 1 for managing a group. There are times where that generosity has been abused, and there has been no precedent to remove a group manager's pay for not doing their job. Now there are clear expectations, and it outlines what a group manager must try their best to do to receive GM pay. --- Conclusion So this piece is also well over 2k words, I apologize. I know this sort of stuff is difficult to get through, and I really appreciate anyone who has actually read all the way up to this point without just skipping down to here. If you did skip down here and have a specific question on the rules, feel free to leave a comment and I can answer it directly if you want a concise answer. I would love to hear feedback on these changes, but please recognize that these changes will be going into effect starting the S81 VHFL season. I am happy to answer questions, clarify any points of confusion, and respond to constructive feedback. I will give 0 shits about complaints about the changes outlined above without valid rationale. Thanks for reading
  12. Yeah nothing is set in stone, this was all based on data from S75 through S80. Lot of small points brought up by Gus and Bek that I will definitely cover, most likely in a media spot after work today! For now though, I appreciate the quick thoughts and the positive reception it's gotten so far
  13. VHFL Rules Basic Structure A sign-up thread will be posted for every VHFL season. A user must post in the said sign up thread to participate in that year's VHFL. Entrants will be randomly sorted into groups of six, with one Group Manager included. Each group will participate in its own draft. Any situation of having a number of entrants that is not divisible by 6 will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Each team will draft a roster of 3 forwards, 2 defensemen, and 1 goalie. Draft will go in snake order. The user with the 1st pick will draft 12th, and 6th will pick 7th. The rest will follow suit. Payout 1st place: 6 TPE 2nd place: 5 TPE 3rd place: 4 TPE 4th place: 3 TPE 5th place: 2 TPE 6th place: 1 TPE Note: In some instances, listed in Section 4: Drafting, a user may receive 50% of their final payout. Payouts always round up to the nearest whole number. (Ex. 2.5 -> 3, 1.5 -> 2, 0.5 -> 1) Scoring Forwards: Goals = 2 points Assists = 1.3 points Shots Blocked = 0.6 points Hits = 0.3 points +/- = 0.2 points Defensemen: Goals = 3 points Assists = 1.5 points Shots Blocked = 0.3 points Hits = 0.3 points +/- = 0.2 points Goalies: Wins = 2 points Shutouts = 5 points Saves = 0.1 points Goals Against = -0.5 points Drafting In the fantasy draft, you have 12 hours to make a pick. If you fail to make a selection in this time frame, you will be skipped. If you have already been skipped once and you get skipped for a second time on any future turn, you will be disqualified, and the VHL Fantasy Zone Manager will draft the rest of your team for you. You will not be eligible for any VHFL TPE in that season. The final non-skipped selection in a group will have the normal 12 hours to select their final player. If they do not make their pick within that timeframe, and it was not their second skip, they will have an additional 6 hours to make the pick. If the pick is not made in that additional time, the VHL Fantasy Zone Manager will make the pick, and that team will receive 50% of their final payout. If the final selection misses the normal 12 hour window, and it would have been their second skip, they will be disqualified as normal. Ex. Sam is the last person slotted to make a selection, and all other teams' rosters are complete. Sam misses her final selection in the 12 hour window. Sam will get an additional 6 hours to make her final selection. If Sam had missed her 1st round selection in addition to this 6th round selection, she would be disqualified. Any team with pending selections at the end of the draft will have an additional 6 hours to complete their roster. If selections are not made in that time period, the VHL Fantasy Zone Manager will complete any unfinished rosters. If one selection must be made, the team will receive 50% of their final payout. If two selections must be made, the team will be disqualified as normal. Ex. N0HBDY was in Sam's draft group, and was the first person to select in the 6th round and missed his pick. He will have up to 6 hours after Sam's 12 hour window completes to make his final pick. If he misses that window, his pending selection will be made by the VHL Fantasy Zone manager, and he would receive 50% of his final payout. Group Managers Group Managers are expected to be familiar with, and enforce these VHFL rules in their group. This includes : Making a comprehensive roster of all teams and their selections Spelling all player names correctly Keeping their group moving (ex. moving on to the next team after a 12 hour pick window elapses). Group Managers will be selected at the discretion of the VHL Fantasy Zone Manager Group Managers will receive one (1) bonus TPE on top of their final payout as compensation. If the VHL Fantasy Zone Manager determines that a Group Manager has not fulfilled the requirements of their position, they may revoke the GM pay at the end of the season.
  14. I'm not going to tag anyone because you'll find this post anyways! User Score 1 @NSG88 1528.46 2 @Mr_Hatter (GM) 1522.35 3 @Bojovnik 1518.55 4 @Banackock 1492.04 5 @GreenGato 1486.81 6 @BarzalGoat 1482.06 7 @Baby Boomer 1474.81 8 @CowboyinAmerica(GM) 1468.94 9 @Nykonax 1459.66 10 @chikn (GM) 1459.55 11 @(DQ) 1454.35 12 @STZ 1453.62 13 @FBR 1450.36 14 @diamond_ace 1443.62 15 @MattyIce 1442.26 16 @Moon_50 1441.95 17 @Telkster 1440.21 18 @BrutalBoost 1439.75 19 @dasboot 1439.36 20 @Jubis 1438.96 21 @hylands 1436.06 22 @scoop 1434.61 23 @JB123 1431.55 24 @Juice 1430.86 25 @v.2 (GM) 1424.95 26 @McWolf 1422.29 27 @RomanesEuntDomus 1421.96 28 @solas 1419.74 29 @Spence King - 50% payout 1419.36 30 @Jamomayo 1418.74 31 @Esso2264 1417.74 32 @Peace 1412.36 33 @Acydburn 1412.16 34 @Domg5 (GM) 1411.37 35 @Rhynex Entertainment 1410.15 36 @dlamb 1410.15 37 @Tate 1404.74 38 @MexicanCow123 1403.95 39 @Advantage 1401.86 40 @16z 1401.56 41 @Alex_J32 1400.62 42 @UnkemptCL4PTP 1399.28 43 @rjfryman 1398.88 44 @rory 1398.81 45 @Birdman 1394.37 46 @tinafrombobsburgers 1393.55 47 @Beaviss 1392.56 48 @Crstats 1391.66 49 @fromtheinside (GM) 1389.01 50 @leafsman (GM) 1388.88 51 @Ahma 1388.54 52 @N0hbdy 1388.41 53 @GustavMattias 1387.64 54 @Blazzer 1386.35 55 @Otto Numminen 1384.55 56 @MetalToday 1383.21 57 @Siddhus 1382.75 58 @JardyB10 1382.22 59 @bigAL 1380.75 60 @Will3 1379.16 61 @a_Ferk (GM) 1377.48 62 @Josh 1373.34 63 @ajwllmsn 1371.61 64 @DollarAndADream 1368.41 65 @Enorama 1364.75 66 @(DQ) 1363.08 67 @Phil 1362.26 68 @(DQ) 1358.94 69 @Renomitsu 1358.81 70 @Seabass 1357.02 71 @OrbitingDeath (GM) 1354.21 72 @RIcer13 1352.48 73 @Tape-to-Tape 1350.68 74 @Greg_Di 1343.36 75 @FrostBeard 1339.48 76 @Webberj 1338.61 77 @KaleebtheMighty 1335.75 78 @qripll 1335.14 79 @jRuutu 1333.61 80 @Timmy Turner 1332.61 81 @fishy 1332.14 82 @Spartan (GM) 1323.48 83 @zepheter 1322.66 84 @DQ 1322.37 85 @Beketov (GM) 1322.28 86 @DMaximus 1319.94 87 @Brewins15 (GM) 1318.15 88 @Red (GM) 1315.15 89 @BladeMaiden (GM) 1313.95 90 @Alexandre 1313.88 91 @Viper 1310.95 92 @Zetterberg (GM) 1310.86 93 @Mr Bohannan - 50% payout 1300.95 94 @Matt thunder 1298.35 95 @Tomat0 1294.61 96 @TXC 1292.36 97 @DQ 1288.64 98 @MMFLEX 1286.48 99 @bukss_a 1278.21 100 @McKelvie 1273.94 101 @Daniel Janser 1271.81 102 @youloser1337 (GM) 1271.01 103 @Will 1267.41 104 @Prout 1266.55 105 @MattBake12 1259.15 106 @Gaikoku-hito 1252.28 107 @Frank 1249.68 108 @animal74 1234.28 109 @Minion 1232.68 110 @Kisslinger 1196.06 111 @Agito 1190.08 112 @Vice 1164.88 113 @TheCHEESE 1127.6 114 @Vkobe-v 1094.6
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