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      Thanks for the tag, great news. R.I.P. free time ;)

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      the two best names ive seen in a while

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      The dev knows about the "undefined" name thing, he's going to work on it 

  1. Spartan

    Two New GMs

    We're two great representatives of that statement! We've had a shit ton of opportunities in this league because we've worked for it and kept applying even after we got rejected the first time. We've all been rejected plenty of times, just gotta keep applying for anything and everything.
  2. Spartan

    Two New GMs

    We've been having a fun discussion and looking back through history since the start of S75 to see if vets are actually taking opportunities from first-gens/newer members. From S75 (or whenever @Hex Universe joined the league) to today, we've recorded 18 hirings to VHL/VHLM GM/AGM positions. We made a nice breakdown of how it shapes up: VHL GM: 1 First-Gen - Hylands 1 Veteran - Ricer (2nd player about to get drafted) VHL AGM: 5 First-Gens - MattyIce, Ledge, Brewins, Selsby, Domg 1 Vet - Poptart VHL GM: 3 First-Gens: Rory, Zetterberg,
  3. Spartan

    Two New GMs

    The "newer members should get M GM jobs over vets" take is an interesting one, one that I can kinda see both sides of. I think recent hiring history shows that the M has not shied away from hiring first-gens as GM's. Myself, Ricer, Hylands, Thad, Rory and Zetterberg are just a few of the first-gen hires that we've had recently (past 5-6 seasons). At the same time, I don't think a newer member should have some kind of priority over an M job than a veteran user. Being an M GM is not easy, because most of what we do has to retain folks and teach them as well. I don't think it's wise to just be se
  4. They need 4, so unless Mike decides to screw the town for the 2nd time lol, we're going to have a lovely standoff. @Caboose30 might as well vote for Gus since we'll have the votes to get it done.
  5. I don't know if they have the votes needed? It's 2 maf and the SK voting for me, the three town are not voting for me. Do they need 5 votes?
  6. Well I got my confirmation message. Not my problem if Eagles didn't give it to you since he can't say anything about it now. But an awfully convenient time to have a game-breaking error.
  7. Well he better hope he can swing Mike tomorrow. It's either a guaranteed loss if Gus doesn't die today, or a sliver of hope tomorrow if he can swing Mike.
  8. I mean, Caboose can't win if GF doesn't get lynched, he'll just get outvoted. Plus Mike got helped by Jericho sure, but he killed one of ours. He got his win, now he's going to replace the town vote he so brutally manipulated into oblivion. Also Mike = league buddy so . Do a bro a solid.
  9. quiet you, we can just disregard Gus and Ricer for the rest of this game, they'll be dead within the next cycle
  10. Anyways, lynch Gus today, I shoot Ricer tonight since he'll just be a mafioso with no defense, lynch Caboose tomorrow. @Mike you won the game by killing off one of our town members, I expect your vote with the remaining town member tomorrow.
  11. Can't say enough good things about this hiring. You deserve this shot @Hex Universe, and I'm sure you'll do great things! Best of luck with this WJC, I may have to break away from Canada to root for you!