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  1. this also makes more sense with the VHL draft, rather than the M draft. GM's are very variable in the M, as they can draft on activity, future considerations, duration with the team, etc, vs the VHL which typically drafts for best fit and activity.
  2. Could do a 1st/2nd round mock draft for TPE, each correct pick gets 0.5 uncapped TPE.
  3. I get 1 uncapped for every mention in this thread.
  4. If Moscow comes back against Helstinki, I will drop 30 TPE into fighting. This is my sacrifice.

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      Hey just commenting here so everyone gets another ping

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      Made sure to get the job done in 5 @IamMOOSE

  5. To be fair, this post is quite civil for nick. The worst he said was "fucking boomer," "nerd," and "big fucking boomer." Not really personal attacks unless you're a boomer and this makes you sad.
  6. @Doomsday get my code word from Berocka.
  7. sus me out if you'd like, it's your own loss in the end considering I worked with jailor and have laid low to do my job. a trap was placed last night and is active, and that's all I'll say about that to ensure that it has a chance of doing its job.
  8. I also have no benefit to hide about being transported, it doesn't really impact me or my night actions. As per jorg and hatter, idk why they wouldn't mention it, especially considering they were two different factions. That's not really an evil play unless everyone you transported was on the same team.
  9. That's my mistake tbh, I was chatting with Gus and overlooked the message. Went back and saw that he did say I was trans'd, my bad man. Hatter apparently was a vampire yeah? Catching up on the thread now, so that could have been why he didn't claim. Concern is who else is also a vampire now. I do agree that OMG is also probably arso though.