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Max returns to Ottawa


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A great week for Max Torq. He really put in the effort during his short stint with Ottawa and it seemed to have paid off. Ottawa showed that they have a lot of confidence in Max as they drafted him at the number four spot in the draft. Max could not be happier. A cup winning team from top to bottom. Surrounded by really good talent, it could be in the cards that a very rare cup repeat is in the making. That would be a great achievement as no team has had a back to back for many many seasons.


Now the work begins. It's fast and furious in the minors and there isn't time to waste thinking about trivial things. It's all hard work and everyone on the team has shown that they have that in their DNA. To put in the effort required to win. It's not like you can just stumble into a cup win, not in the minors. It's all about fast thinking and making changes on the fly. Something Ottawa has proven to be very good at. Let's go Lynx!

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