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  1. Great start to the season. Right off the bat Ottawa seems to have a bit of mojo. Of course there are several teams on the edge of becoming very strong teams. The Aces look very strong in this early season and I see no reason to think they won't be our main competition. I would assume that all teams are moving players around to see what works. The fun part of the season is all the adjustments that happen, you never know where or who you are playing with. I am happy to not be a GM that has to figure all that out. I really hope for some parity in the league. I mean it's great to be on a good team but there is always teams that dwell in the bottom half. As a development league, I guess that's how it goes. Ottawa has a lot of tools in the bag. It shouldn't be too long to figure out who plays well and what the lines will end up being. One thing is that our defense, despite the high average TPA, isn't as dominate as it could be. I think player skills vary a lot and that's where your build comes into play. While there is always freedom to build how you want, certain types of builds will work better down the road and not so much out of the gate. Balance is key. When I first started in this league, I was told by some really talented players and Gms to not invest to much in one skill. Spread them out. I found this to be true while playing with Seattle. Bana is a great GM that gave me a few tips on what not to do. I used that advice with Max following a great career with Merrick. To sum it all up and tie a bow on it. Ottawa will win the cup this season through hard work and that can do attitude.
  2. Review: I like the effects you used on the background. Very edgy and busy. Nice logo swaps but I wish you would have removed the NHL on the neckline. Font/text looks like it fits but the placement looks off. I think, in my opinion, it should be lowered. Your render is good but I would have liked to see a bit more sharpness to it as well to match the background to some extent. Overall, very good design. 8/10
  3. Steve


    Review: I like the design concept. A few things need to happen to make it work. One is if you use a wash/watercolor effect as an overlay, you need to have definition to the element under it. Your text is touching the boarders and that doesn't ever look right to me. I like the color palette you used. I think you are just a couple of adjustments away from having a much better result. Still a good design. 7/10
  4. 1. The first week of the season is underway and we have had a lot of new recruits join the site, what's one thing you would recommend to them or another player still learning the ropes? Make sure you max earn each week. Ask someone for help if you struggle doing that. It makes for a good player and being known as a max earner is a good thing. 2. Ottawa has a holiday charity event coming up and we need ideas to draw in a crowd to raise the most money possible, any ideas? I would have a big raffle for season seats. An auction of players game jerseys and gear. If that doesn't work, pole dancers and strippers. 3. Did your player win any awards or achieve anything major before making it into the VHLM or If you could win an award now, which would it be? Are restraining orders considered an achievement? If so, then yes. 4. You just scored an insane breakaway goal to win the game for your team.. What would you throw into the crowd to celebrate and make a fan happy? The puck of course. If there is a very young fan in the crowd, I would give up my stick. 5. If you could add, change or takeaway an attribute/rule in the league.. What would it be? Why?? (funny answers work :p) Make PASSING a relevant skill again. 6. What's a talent your player has outside of hockey? Max has the talent of drinking a lot of beer, curling up in the fetal position and pissing himself.
  5. A great week for Max Torq. He really put in the effort during his short stint with Ottawa and it seemed to have paid off. Ottawa showed that they have a lot of confidence in Max as they drafted him at the number four spot in the draft. Max could not be happier. A cup winning team from top to bottom. Surrounded by really good talent, it could be in the cards that a very rare cup repeat is in the making. That would be a great achievement as no team has had a back to back for many many seasons. Now the work begins. It's fast and furious in the minors and there isn't time to waste thinking about trivial things. It's all hard work and everyone on the team has shown that they have that in their DNA. To put in the effort required to win. It's not like you can just stumble into a cup win, not in the minors. It's all about fast thinking and making changes on the fly. Something Ottawa has proven to be very good at. Let's go Lynx!
  6. 1. Free Agency starts today. Thoughts on how it's played out so far? Any signings you like or dislike? I think everything is going according to plan. 2. Our roster is coming together, with many new faces. Do you think the group will mesh well or need some time to develop chemistry? It should. Great leadership and game plan. LA will be good. 3. What has been the highlight of your off season so far? I washed my car. I forgot what color it is. 3. What are your thoughts on the new VHLE conferences? Necessary or pointless? I really don't know yet but will know more next season if it was a good or bad idea. 5. What is your favorite city or town to visit during the off season? Any town I can park my van, down by the water. 6. Are you a gamer? If so, do you play on Xbox, Playstation, or PC? What game are you currently playing? Yes, I game. Xbox, Playstation and PC. I play everything from racing games to first shooters to MMO's.
  7. Steve


    Review: Man, this is a fun one. Your text says Clue on skates and that is what we have. No need to comment on anything here other than I appreciate the fun aspect of this project. I would like to see more outside the box graphics. Well done. 8/10
  8. Review: This is how it's done. Great sig with a very unique design. I like this style and you really have a winner here. I like the illustration look to the render. Logo swap is realistic and your text is huge but actually complements the whole project. Very well done. 10/10
  9. Max Torq is heading into the draft with no expectations. Just about any team would be a good fit for him. The only thing Max can do is workout and make himself look good so the teams can see he is a determined player that wants to win. After a brief stint with Ottawa, and winning the cup, Max wants more of that feeling. He is an up and coming force to be reckoned with and I am sure there is a team that would love to have him. Building into a physical defenseman that can hit like a train but also score a few along the way is a good asset to have on a team. Building those skills takes time and dedication. Max is up to the task and is set on making his mark in the league and on a few players. The end game would have Max's skill set somewhere between John Merrick for some offense and Guy LeGrande on the defensive side. This hybrid style should do well in the league. Max is moving more towards hitting other players compared to his mentors careers. So if it works out, Max should be a hitting, scoring, and defensive reliable player. Let's see where he goes and if it all comes together.
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