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  1. The roller coaster theme continues here in LA. Winning streaks a few and far between now. With the season flying along, LA needs to get back into the form we had at the start of the season. At least beating the teams we should and giving the tough teams a fair fight. All in all, I expect us to be playing much better when the playoffs start. We have had outstanding play from several players, just not on a consistent pace. The swap to right wing for Merrick seems to have helped to some degree. There might be more adjustments coming as we look at the games and see what's going on. It
  2. Review: Good looking sig. I like the render and text format. Logo swap looks good though a bit too bold, may a different blend mode? The dust and scratch top layer seems to work well and does a good job of breaking up the dead areas. I would say you pushed the saturation to the limit as it looks like your render is wearing lipstick. Good job over. 8/10
  3. Steve


    Review: Good formatting. Clean render and the text really works with the font you used. Background and top layer seem to work together well. I can't really see anything I don't like. The focus on the render is key and you nailed it with this one. Good job. 9/10
  4. 1. A few sims not going our way hold us 1 point out of the playoffs at the time of writing. How do we rebound, and get back to our winning ways? Just hard work and try to get the most from the lines. 2. We made a trade! What should Kosmo Kramerev do first in New York, off the ice? Throws really good parties. 3. Who is our team's best kept secret? I can't say or it wouldn't be a secret. 4. What is your favourite drill in practice? I like bag skating. 5. If you follow the NHL, did your favourite team make any moves at the trade deadline? LA Kings mad
  5. Yes indeed. Love the sig.
  6. With the season past the halfway mark, the LA Stars are still looking good. Strong play by the whole lineup combined with a great goalie has made it possible for LA to compete against just about everyone. Of course there are stretches that are just weird and the team isn't on the same page at times but those are what all teams go through during the course of a season. This is a good time of the season to shake things up and see how we do. Sometimes you win when you don't expect to and other times you get blown away by teams you should dominate. I think that's what makes the games so fun to pla
  7. 1. LA is currently 2nd in our Conference. Does this surprise you? We have the talent and have shown we can get it done. 2. What is the most important trait of a good LR guy? Just being active is really all it takes. 3. What's your go to hockey brand? CCM for skates. 4. If you had to pick an NHL player to compare yourself to who would you pick? Trevor Lewis I guess. Not great at anything but is a hard worker. 5. what's more important: Highly talented scorers or good shut down defense? Well both but I would say talented
  8. Review: Well you have a good start here. Good render cut for the most part. Logo swap is a huge plus even though it looks a bit off center. Nice little touch with the logo on the puck. I would say that you have a good design but you really need to learn some form of formatting. Element placement is crucial for a balanced look. You did everything else just fine. 7/10
  9. Steve

    First sig

    Review: Great sig for your first one. You have a great theme and for the most part all the elements follow your theme. Render isn't bad and you did a great job with the logo/shoulder patch swap. Font fits perfectly. I would say with a little formatting correction this would be amazing. Your top layer is a bit heavy but that all comes down to practice. You are well on your way as this does show you know your way around a photo editor. Great job. 8.5/10
  10. Steve

    New week

    I just have too much time to waste. I love your sig.