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  1. The best part about this, it was worth 6 tpe and I am an amateur. Oh, I used to drink Black Velvet and the font kinda reminded me of it. Thanks for the helpful critique.
  2. I go pointless in more games than not.
  3. Black Velvet Hall of Fame (S48-S55) TPE:1190 RS:576 GP, 196 G, 505A, 701P, +477, 752PIM, 1342HIT, 674SB, 45GW PO:94 GP, 22 G, 65 A, 87 P, +12, 202 PIM, 251 HIT, 131 SB, 9 GW S50 Daisuke Kanou Trophy (Playoff MVP) S51 Alexander Beketov Trophy (Most Assists) S51 Sterling Labatte Trophy (Top Defender) S52 Sterling Labatte Trophy (Top Defender) Five Continental Cups (S48, S49, S50, S54, S55) Black Velvet was an incredible force in the league that lead him to the highest rewards the league has to offer. A dedicated player with a focus on success. And success is certainly a goal in which he achieved. The numbers are more than impressive, they are staggering. To accomplish so much in the time he was playing is something to remember and admire. As a defenseman myself, I can only dream of such a career. I look back at the teams and players of his era and can imagine the excitement it was to play along side Black Velvet. Playing defense is hard enough, but to have a impact on any given game is very hard. Black Velvet seemed to thrive on being the best he could be and make everyone around him better. A career I will not forget and young defensemen should look up to. While the league has changed and the addition of more teams, players from the past set the bar very high. I am not sure we will see another talent like Black Velvet anytime soon, but he success level is a bar everyone should try for. I do wish I was his linemate. You cannot move forward without looking at the past. The past players in this league should not be forgotten. He is a very big inspiration to all of us to be the best we can be.
  4. 1. With lines in a current state of malleability, what's one thing in particular you'd like to see tried? Be proactive with the lines instead of reactive. This should have been a season to test line/pairings but it seems to have been overlooked for the most part. 2. We currently sit 9 points behind Toronto with 9 games left to be played, 3 of ours being played against the expansion teams. Are we still in the running? In our current state, not a chance. 3. Our defensively minded players have made an impact on the league leaderboards for the defensive side of the game, who do you see stepping up for our offensive core? With the highest TPA, Boris should be leading the team. Goes back to line adjustments that should have happened. 4. If we can't overtake Toronto in the standings, which prospects do you want to see added to our program? I have my eye on a couple, but I only look at activity not pure skills. So I would have to think about that. 5. Nearing the end of the season, are there any standouts around the league that come as a surprise? Glad to see Smitty doing well in the league despite being on Davos. 6. What's your goal for next season? Hopefully be on a winning team aiming to get better, or just play out my contract.
  5. 1) What hockey style do you play ? Sniper, 2 way, grinder/enforcer, playmaker,etc etc. ? I am a responsible Offensive defenseman. 2) Did you model your created player resembling any NHL player? If so who? I didn't use anyone in the NHL, but I am trying to emulate a very good defenseman in the VHL. 3) Do you think we should have an Alternate Jersey ? Only if it bring some luck to Prague. 4) What’s the latest you stay up during the week? 10 pm is my time to rest. 5) How many assists will you end up with by years end? I would love to break 60 but that is just a dream. 6) We have 15 games left. How many games will we win in those final games? I think this team is capable of winning against several teams. I would guess you will split.
  6. Close game. Good effort from the Prague team.
  7. It was just one of those things I have thought about since joining the league. I knew it most likely was just a dream. I do wish, later down the life of the VHL, they could implement something to this effect. Thanks for the comment and clarification.
  8. I was thinking about having a player build simulator. One that you can plug skill levels in and it would show an overview of what to expect with a certain build using the sim code. I am not a programmer but I think it would help players understand how certain skills effect your players performance. You could have it to where it is just comparing your build to a team with set skills and any level, just even so you can see how it works with others without high skills. It would just be a baseline that if you changed one skill, you could at least see if it translates into the sim engine like you would think it would. This is just a thought but I think it would really be helpful to plan a build and be able to see if the sim really cares if you raise puck handling up or how skating effects the outcome. To me, the sim is almost playing a different game and doesn't reflect the skills you raise. Not all of the time, but some of the time. Well that's my wish and I am sure it would have little chance of happening. I think it would be a great tool to use before wasting time on a build that doesn't translate well when simmed.
  9. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. @DollarAndADream
  10. Review: Nice looking graphic. I like this style and seems very few attempt it. I like everything about it except the line at the bottom. Great effort.
  11. Review: I think your text looks ok. I would have gave the first name a bit more contrast but I can still read it. Simple sig with a few effects. Still looks pretty good.
  12. Review: I love your work. Perfect example of a standout sig. I really like the render and the text is very classy. Great job, again.
  13. Review: Nice job on this graphic. Good player cutout and the text is just amazing. Very well put together. Great job
  14. Steve

    Gravvy [1/2]

    Review: Good stuff. Nice effects and some good looking text. Very dynamic. Only thing I would mention is that the format/positioning of your elements could be a bit better. Overall, very good looking.