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    I am an avid hunter and fisherman. I build AR15's and collect guns of all sorts. I play PC games as well as console games with my three sons.
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  1. 1.Through 9 games, HC Davos is sitting at 4-3-2 and 6th place in the VHL. Does this surprise you at all? Yes, I thought we would be a couple of places higher in the standings at this point. 2.Toronto Legion is undefeated so far through 9 games. Davos is set to face Toronto on Game 57 which is only 3 games from now. Will they still be undefeated? If the game already happened, did that result surprise you? They way we play defense and with a few tweaks to our offense, I would not count Davos out. I feel Toronto could have a lose coming their way. 3.Davos has given up the fewest goals in the league with 18, what do you think has been the biggest component of that? Davos has a very committed defensive group and great goaltending. 4.John Madden is currently leading the team in scoring with 10 points in 9 games. His personal record is 64 points in which he did last season, how much do you see him beating that by? Madden is a beast. He is finding his pace and I expect him to smash his record by a mile. 5.How do you think the rookies have played so far this season? I think all of the rookies have shown they belong in the VHL. 6.What do you think is the reason for only scoring 23 goals? Does the lines need changing or did Davos lose that much scoring power? I think it will be sorted out with some minor changes but the team is fully capable of scoring. They just need to stir the pot a bit more.
  2. 58 Malmo Nighthawks-4 @ Moscow Menace-5 Moscow wins 5-4
  3. 56 Helsinki Titans 57 Toronto Legion 58 Moscow Menace 59 Americans
  4. Nice effects. Keep at it and you will be awesome.
  5. Week ending 7/21 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. @DollarAndADream
  6. Review: That is a wild looking graphic. A lot going on there and I like most everything. Only comment I will make is that I would have liked to see the player moved to the left a bit to balance the overall image. Overall it looks like a fun project. Great effort.
  7. Steve

    underyew #1

    Review: Well done by someone that knows about graphics. I will admit that I am not a fan of "abstract" style of graphics, but these are the most popular for a reason. You did a great job and I know now what kind of work goes into graphics like this. It is not easy and you need an artist's eye for a good result. Very good job Jack.
  8. I love this. This looks very nice with some cool elements. A very complete package that is spot on. Great work, again.
  9. This is an interesting graphic. I really like the theme and it is constructed nicely. Only thing I would have done different is have the gradient is his name go the other way but that's just my opinion and very subjective. Great effort.
  10. Review: Great work here. The time it must of took to come up with that font is just hard to imagine. It is well placed and I can almost read it. Great effort.............
  11. Steve

    Nacho S2

    Review: Cool looking graphic. Nice background that keeps inline with the blue theme. Logo placement is not too bad. Would like to see your text small other than your name. Overall it looks pretty good.
  12. Review: I like this sig. You did a good job with the background and player placement. The font choice is great and well placed. Overall it is a good graphic. Well done.
  13. Review: Looks like you put some effort into this. I would suggest you make it much smaller if it is a sig. Some font work could be done as well but really it's a learning thing. Good effort.
  14. As a rookie going into the VHL, it is really an eye opener. When you come from the VHLM with good stats and high expectations, you always hope that it will translate well into the big league. The reality of it is, it doesn't on many levels. First thing that is apparent, you just don't have the skill to play the big minutes that you had in the minors. Something that the GM that drafted you hopes, as a player, you work on weekly. The second thing that comes clearer is that the competition is a whole lot better. They don't call it the big league for nothing. Moving into the second week of the season, most rookies will improve slightly but this is a process that will take the season to see solid results. Working for the future is the name of the game with rookies. The minutes will come as the skill-set improves. These are the times that will define many young players. Some will settle for being mediocre, some will drop off the charts, a few will strive to be the best. It will be fun to watch which ones fall into those categories during this season. Work hard, team first is the best mindset a rookie can have at this point in his or her career.