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Armani is called up


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Armani Calamari is sleeping in his Vasteras apartment with his girlfriend Tiffany when he heard his phone ring. He struggled to grab the phone and answers:


 "You have reached the apartment of Armani Calamari" he answers in a slight tired daze "why are you calling me so late?"


"Hey Calamari this is the Toronto Legion with some big news for you!" Now Armani was awake. This was the Toronto Legion GM


 "Oh! What is it sir?" Armani answered with growing excitement

"We are calling you up into the big time of Toronto and the VHL! You are coming home!"


 "Oh! Thank you sir, when should I prepare to move out?"


 "Very soon Armani because we need you here. We are excited to have our future playmaker finally in blue and white!"


 "Absolutely I won't let you down! I'll see you then." Armani set the phone down and silently celebrated finally being able to head home. While he loved Vasteras, he has gotten a bit home sick and was excited to get back to where he was raised. However, he then thought of the beautiful woman still sleeping on the bed despite everything. He knew that moving from Vasteras to Tornado might be hard on her, but he hopes that they can find a way to accompany her. Ether way he better soon get started packing. It was time to move up!

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