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A boy from Zeeland and an invitation


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For the first time in a couple of days, the house that was often noisy from the two rather noisy inhabitants or their knick-knacks went radio silent. Almost a whole hour had passed and the two were as far from actually deciding on what to think about what they had received instead of what they were going to do. What faced them was actually something the boy wanted for quite a while, an offer to attend the University of Cologne, the place they were so fond of. But, there was one downside to it - they wanted him as soon as possible. He had tried their entry exam from distance, writing every answer in his usual quick fashion, the result of studying non-stop for the past three seasons and as far as he knew, the dean was so impressed he insisted that the hockey player dropped the job as soon as possible to make a trip to Cologne.


And that was the Catch 22, one that he wasn't particularly fond of taking but one that definitively showed certain colours about his plans and life. For the dean, the University of Cologne and the area of Chemistry would strongly benefit from a move of the current Chicago Phoenix player towards the world of academics, one that the world would, eventually, find benefits to in a proper fashion. For the Phoenix, Sunrise was expected to remain a player of the Illinois-based team until the end of the season at least. And then, possibly stick around after that? He wasn't entirely certain but it was a good guess they probably wanted him for more than a single season. Even if the season so far had been rather tough, he still looked towards finishing it in a reasonably well manner.


Luz wasn't entirely sure what to say either. On one hand, she was still getting adjusted to what had to be her third new home and the idea of leaving a young hockey career that he likely was not to return to after graduation made it difficult for her to push him towards accepting the invitation - and what got the whole ball running was hockey so it was even harder for her to really say anything against it. On the other end of the spectrum, he had reached his second dream after spending some time on his first - a chance to learn the craft he wished to perform after playing had essentially landed on his lap on a sudden impulse and all he had to do was move away from hockey, possibly forever.


Eventually, however, she gathered her courage to properly say anything.


Luz: Sunrise... do you care for hockey?
Sunrise: I like it still.
Luz: No buts about it?
Sunrise: Not at all.
Luz: Then stay. You won't ever forgive yourself if you skip on it.
Sunrise: But what about the invitation?
Luz: Ask them to keep that invitation open for when you retire. It shouldn't be too far away, right?
Sunrise: There's still plenty of game for that, yes.
Luz: Then... then, I don't know.


The Dutch boy grinned, messing her hair in spite of her sudden protests.


Sunrise: Eh, I'll keep going. We'll figure it out when it's done.

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