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Stark to Test Free Agency?


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A totally unprofessional interview with Mr. Stark.


Tony, how the fuck are you?


I'm fucking great, and you?


I'm fucking great too. Hey, how the hell is Calgary treating you?


Calgary is the tits. It's great being a vital part of this young team.


But it's gotta be cold right? 


You bet your ass it's cold, but I'm a fucking hockey player. I'm a fucking man. The cold doesn't bother me. The lack of a night life fucking bothers me. 


You back on the stuff, Stark?


Fuck no, I'm just looking for some Grade A Canadian tang. 


What about that poutine? 


Poutine and poontang, sounds like a great combination. 


So, let's get back on track. You're in a contract year, have any of those cocks in suits talked to about an extension yet?


Fuck no they haven't, but I honestly prefer it that way. Less of a distraction. I don't want to be talking contract when I should be focusing on my team.


Well isn't that fucking great? Tony fucking Stark being a team player.What about free agency though? You know you gotta test the waters, right? Gotta see what's out there...


Maybe. I like Calgary, I do, but as soon as the off season hits, they will show me their desires. If they want me, they'll open up the talks as soon as our season ends. Now, that's not to say if they open it up that I will absolutely sign, but it won't hurt their chances. Everyone wants to know what they are worth, so I very well might hit the market, feel things out, and end up back in Calgary anyways. 


Any teams you would want to play for next season?


Calgary is at the top of the list. I wouldn't mind going back to New York, but the way I found out I had been traded from them still stings a little, but I can't ever stay too mad at Chris. I have been so unselfish my entire league career, so it's about time I do me. I want to get paid. 


Just kidding, I'm always going to be loyal to my teams, so if Calgary wants to keep sending me checks, I'll sign on the dotted line. 


Who the fuck is Chris? 



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