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  1. diamond_ace

    Toronto Legion Weekly Presser

    Happens to the best of us. I was so sure I had a steal with Calgary with that one Asian guy back in the day, ended up just being Boom's multi
  2. diamond_ace

    Toronto Legion Weekly Presser

    The highlighted part is funny. Stromberg was, at one point, called a "guarantee" - Aamo ended up just as bad, but you expressed hesitation about him in the following statement, so that's a bit more fair.
  3. Such a shame Leskowsky never worked out. I know him from another league
  4. diamond_ace

    Fabio Lucera

    @FlyersLord29 VHLM GMs will offer you deals on the Portal, and in here, we'll make our pitches to get you to sign. All deals are 1.5m, so it's just a matter of whether you want more playing time, a better contending team, or if you fit in well with a particular group of guys etc. You make that decision based on the pitches you see here, then you go to the portal and accept the offer you want. I'm Ottawa and will offer you 2nd pair to start off, with a good chance of jumping to 1st pair if you stay active. I expect us to be mid-pack, not really contenders but probably not the worst team either. Just won the cup last season, but lost a bunch of guys to the bigs. @ShawnGlade Halifax @Trifecta @@Thranduil Oslo @BarzalGoat @Reives Yukon @Dtayl @Gooningitup Saskatoon @Jubo07 @oilmandan Vegas Me @McWolf Ottawa
  5. diamond_ace

    Brand Troubles for RS2

    This. True North has spots available at 750, from how it looks like on the spreadsheet
  6. diamond_ace

    S63 Group 7 Fantasy Draft

    Oleksiy Revchenko @Peace
  7. diamond_ace

    S63 Group 7 Fantasy Draft

    No it's good, if anything I'm actually happy about it, someone has confidence in one of my players for once other than me
  8. diamond_ace

    S63 Group 7 Fantasy Draft

    Sneaky. You take my own guy one spot before I pick Dragon McDragon @SlapshotDragon
  9. diamond_ace

    S63 Group 7 Fantasy Draft

    @.sniffuM has been more than 12 hours @Bushito is also up now
  10. diamond_ace

    Players: Seeking Endorsement

  11. diamond_ace

    S63 Group 7 Fantasy Draft

    Oyorra Arroyo @Peace
  12. diamond_ace

    S63 Group 7 Fantasy Draft

    @SlapshotDragon you get 2
  13. diamond_ace

    VHL Season 59 Retrospective Re-Draft

    Not referring to "at the time"
  14. diamond_ace

    D - Jonathan Hill (HFX)

    Ottawa will also offer. I can prob start you off on 1st pair, Renner's been gone for a bit
  15. diamond_ace

    VHL Endorsement Contracts S63

    This is a thing