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  1. Except they're not a country, and they're administratively ruled by Australia, despite not being that close (geographically it would make more sense for them to be considered Malaysian, but sometimes regions aren't owned by the closest geographical country - see Greenland and Denmark).
  2. It's nice to have the two teams going about this so differently while continuing to produce results - it just goes to show that no matter what methods you use, bringing an expansion team in from nothing is no easy task.
  3. So you're telling me I need to create an Andorran. EDIT: although I'm inclined to wait for the next list to see if Eritrea has any, "American" Olympic marathon legend Meb Keflezighi is from Eritrea and I could see myself bringing his cousin or something into hockey
  4. It's interesting to note that Sask has a vhlm commie and a vhl commie at center, and there's another center better than both.
  5. One of the best picks with Perry, along with one of the worst picks with Grimaldi
  6. Definitely not a record but probably the best streak since the bigger teams
  7. Guy LaGuy and Guy LaDude? Missed opportunity there, not going for Guybrush Threepwood.
  8. I actually like it, but only if there was an extra simmer.
  9. This. If Quik comes back, decent both ways since 2nds are now a thing and Hafkey is also at least somewhat active. If Quik is gone, no brainer for Helsinki.
  10. Yeah it's definitely a streak. Let's say 30 games from now, when we're in probably 5th in the conference, we had some random 6-4-2 run. No one would bat an eye. People are only noticing it now because it happens to be the beginning of the season. I will, however, let this ride for a bit longer, just to give the guys something to look forward to. We're going to nosedive a bit as soon as Crawford goes in (and once he's in, he stays in, as the active) but I think we stay ahead of Davos and end up maybe 10ish points back of the last playoff spot.
  11. Kind of interesting that I'm apparently endorsing practice facility when I don't do practice facility
  12. @Corco good luck in Mex, but on more of an informational thing: the league is significantly deeper now. That's one of the changes. Most teams have a 3rd line, 2nd round picks are what used to be mid-1sts and now it's relatively common to find viable players in the 4th and 5th rounds, although you can probably tell all that from the sheer number of expansion teams. You probably don't recognize half the VHLM, and a third of the VHL (Prague, Moscow, Malmo, and DC - oh and I finally got my Prague team I'd been ranting about for 30 seasons). Back in the day, a pitch from a VHLM team to a returning member selling a third line role would be unheard of - in this case, the first two Cs are me and Bek, and we can afford to not throw one of us out on the wing because that's what teams are like now, there are enough new guys on the wing who are active that we can afford to stack the middle. Teams all over the league are able to do this now. Mexico, for example, the team you went with, has four guys at 140+, which back in the day would have been something in the neighborhood of 2nd or 3rd place. Now, they're one of the teams that can actually afford to give you a decent spot out of the gate, because that's just the depth we have now.
  13. he retired several days ago, this is old