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  1. diamond_ace

    GMing Dominoes: Part 3

    Guy in the general sense, although I really should stop doing that
  2. diamond_ace


  3. diamond_ace

    GMing Dominoes: Part 3

    I know in my case, I'm mostly fine without, but we have so many new guys and I'd like to see them get their foot in the door. Plus it doesn't hurt to have a guy around to talk to the new guys who sign up just after I'm asleep
  4. diamond_ace


    Pens. I'm 33, so I was a 5 year old watching with my dad for the 90 cup, and 6 for the 91. Grew up on Mario Lemieux, Jaromir Jagr, Ron Francis, Kevin Stevens, Paul Coffey, Rick Tocchet, Tom Barrasso, etc.
  5. diamond_ace

    Sullivan Disappointed with VHLM Finale

    Agreed. Now the first round vs Vegas, I think we'd have won that about half the time, anywhere in the 40 to 60 range - we picked up so many guys right at the deadline that we were definitely a stronger team going into the playoffs than we were for the average of the regular season. The Yukon one though, we had no business winning that. I was honestly happy when it got to game 6, let alone 7 and the winner.
  6. diamond_ace

    Finals GM 5: Riga vs. Calgary

    @omgitshim the King of All 3rd Period.
  7. diamond_ace

    Free Agent

    Hi. You're technically not a free agent. The playoffs just ended in the VHLM (minors) and are in the finals in the VHL (bigs). The VHLM draft will be within the week, and you will be eligible to be selected in the draft. If by some chance you end up not selected (you'll be selected, I'm a VHLM GM and I'm noticing you being active and interested in the league, so one way or another you'll be selected) you'd then become FA. If in any given season, you joined after the draft but before the start of the playoffs, you'd be a waiver, which works essentially like FA. You'd choose a team for that season, then go into the following draft. Given when you joined, you can't sign somewhere for the current season (since it has ended), and will then be in the draft, which is looking like Sunday or Monday at this time but still waiting on confirmation from a few other GMs.
  8. diamond_ace

    (S65) C - Luke Allman, TPE: 30

    No such thing as a silly question, for someone just getting into the league. This place can be a little hard to figure at the beginning.
  9. diamond_ace

    GMing Dominoes: Part 3

    If you were applying, you'd fit in the group at the bottom. You're not specifically listed but I feel like people who are some of my favorites from over many years know who they are... Basically I'm just trying to divert people of similar level to these three (which is a pretty high level, to be fair) or people who I'd be less inclined to hire than them. I hate saying no to people; it's why I've only once ever gone to FA and even that was jokingly, it's why I wanted to quickly sign on with a brand, and it's why it's going to be hard enough to say no to two of the three.
  10. diamond_ace

    GMing Dominoes: Part 3

    So yeah... this didn't entirely last. @BladeMaiden is off to Quebec. I'd like to state that I've already received three absolute top tier apps, any of which would be great for the job. I'M ALSO STATING HERE THAT THIS IS NOT THE POST OF HIRE. IF YOU'RE COMING IN HERE TO SEE WHO I'VE HIRED, THIS ISN'T IT. All three applicants have one unique thing going for them: @Nykonax is on Ottawa currently and has been one of the main reasons we've gotten where we have - discounting GMing and only taking into account players, I'd say he's the single top reason, despite disappearing for some of the games in the finals. The man was the leading scorer ffs. He's already somewhat of a VHLM legend. @Eudaldkp is a draftee I've had my eye on for some time now and could easily be in Ottawa for next season, potentially replacing Dahlberg who will be going up, so it might be nice to have a guy who might already be there. @Esso2264 has the advantage of being on during the times I'm off - I'm generally sleeping late morning through afternoon (averages out to about 8:30am to 4:30pm EST, but varies within a few hours either direction most times) since I work overnights (as evidenced by this post going up at 3:02 AM) and Esso has already told me he's usually on at that time, thus covering my gaps. This was essentially the thing I was looking for, all three guys meet the social requirement (active on the site and the discord, able to greet and offer for new guys, etc) and the drafting and trading has always been my side of it, so the one gap I have is someone who can reach out to people during the hours I'm asleep. So the reason I'm making the post, since it's not to state who I've hired as I haven't actually made that decision, is to state that given the quality of the apps, I would like to receive no more apps. Unless you're one of a select handful of people in the history of the league (Jardy, Phil, the Pajodcast guys, the Gows, none of which I'd think would need to take on this type of role) please do not bother. The list is tough enough as it is.
  11. Also good. It's just that I was going to Pitt during 13-9 so it has a bit more of a personal thing for me - I'm probably a tad older than you if I'm guessing. Definitely in recent years with the Penn St rivalry coming back and the West Va rivalry not being played in some time, it kind of changes things around.
  12. PITT! I went to Pitt, and I'm from Pittsburgh, good to have another local guy on board
  13. diamond_ace

    This Week in VHL

    The irony of getting knocked out of third spot by a guy I GMed last season @Enorama