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  1. 2 of the busts were actually 2 of the guys I thought would be steals. The third... not so much.
  2. @NumberJ5 is Frobe, he's one of my Prague guys. Pretty sure some of the others are @hewasajazzman @Dilly Dilly @PadStack @Harpskii @Spaz
  3. Yeah did not expect the guy who brought us the pretty solid Oleksiy Revchenko to have a follow up performance on this level. @AndrewWarren13 knows he's been slacking but I trust him to turn it around enough to be viable. He has a season and a half yet (although an insurance policy wouldn't hurt)
  4. @TacticalHammer @Sebster03 @Jayrad28 @Bucky___lastard @BladeMaiden 2nd overall as a team, top 5 in 4 out of 5 events
  5. Rio isn't particularly similar in latitude to Cairo. Your map even shows it - Cairo is well above the equator (actually slightly more north than Dubai) and Rio is well below it.
  6. Prague: Hardest Shot: Teagan Glover @Bucky___lastard Shooting Stars: Roll Fizzlebeef @TacticalHammer Fastest Skater: Seabass Perrin @Sebster03 Accuracy Shooting: Alex Pearson @Jayrad28 Save Streak: Brick Wahl @BladeMaiden Prague players: I want you guys to know I did this by a formula, based on your existing attributes - in the one case I had to tiebreak, the guy I didn't pick I feel like will be a top choice for 2-3 categories next season, whereas the guy I did pick was more specialized to the one thing. I'll outline this in the discord in a minute.
  7. I'll be home in half hour, will do them then. So close to doing them that I prob wouldn't even be bothering to tell you when, if not for the tag 😛
  8. I doubt Davos would be approved now if it was a fresh team without the history
  9. I know enough places in Australia, but do you really think the brass would approve of a team in Toowoomba?
  10. https://vhlforum.com/topic/45702-vhl-skills-competition-12/ If anyone's going to be the successor to the throne (given I have nowhere near the time to do all this anymore) I'd happily pass it to you
  11. If we were to do 32, I'd be inclined to go 4 conferences; Canada by itself, USA by itself, Europe, and Asia/Oceania. 8 Canadian and 8 American should be easy, and we're only 2 away from 8 Europe (Germany would be one, then maybe London if we're going recognizable or Bratislava or so if we're going more hockey related). 8 Asia/Oceania would be more of a task. Australia could have one, as could New Zealand, Japan, China, South Korea. Maybe an eastern Russian team. Maybe Singapore, or Dubai, or Kazakhstan.
  12. As of two sims ago, PRG bots had played a total of 6 minutes this season
  13. The case could be made, but I read it as he is referring to Flyersfan as well as himself, and that combined they are two graders
  14. He didn't have "a" in his. The sentence could definitely be read to refer to multiple writing graders.