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  1. second week on this. vsn thing will be coming after the week change so ill use the second week of this now
  2. 12 hours. I'm up again after Muff, so taking Owen Nolan. @fever95 up, @.sniffuM can pick whenever
  3. @brooks. not quite a S1 guy myself but definitely remember you - how's things been since you last graced the site?
  4. Knew this was going to happen damn it! Was 9 hours when I went to sleep - now I feel like I'm slacking as manager, but there was just no way to get to this one before you without drastically changing my sleep schedule
  5. 1. @Peace F - Thomas Landry F - John Merrick F - Kyl Oferson D -Erik Killinger D -Guy Sasakamoose G -Jaxx Hextall 2. @der meister F - Lewis Dawson F - Squirrely Dan F - The Terrible Trivium D -Condor Adrienne D -James Rose G -Rayz Funk 3. @Tape-to-Tape F - Benny Graves F - RJ Jubis F - Kris Rice D -Seabass Perrin D -Hugh Jass G -Jimmy Spyro 4. @fever95 F - Mikko Lahtinen F - Ola Vikingstad F - Phil Marleau D -Lincoln Tate D -Jeff Downey G -
  6. this man really just sent himself his own pitch
  7. "With the 9th pick in the S68 Expansion Draft, the Prague Phantoms select from the Helsinki Titans, Alex Pearson, Center." There are certain moments that change a franchise. Little did I know at the time, but that was one of them. The rest of the expansion draft came and went - Dalton Wilcox ended up traded to New York so he could play alongside his friend Fredrik Elmebeck (RIP), Erik Draven @Jbeezy76 left us in FA to enjoy a long and prosperous career with Helsinki, Scotty Big Shotty went inactive, Bolt Vanderhuge was already inactive before we acquired him, but the one guy who st
  8. @rory Kehl is not for waivers, he was drafted to Ottawa at 57. He's just one of the guys Josh needs to fix in the morning