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  1. yeah he will prob flip the l and the v and pronounce it sieve lester
  2. diamond_ace

    Two New GMs

    This basically says it. We do like to give these to new guys - look at the past several hires. It's just that these two guys in particular were in a unique position and we've done this to alleviate that position. There were several new guys in the final rounds of the decision process, and many of them will get roles in the future, but these two were in situations where it was a bit different than "just hire the old guy"
  3. diamond_ace

    Two New GMs

    It's another version of optics and snubbed that changes "old boys club" into "Best people here"
  4. Rosters are locked anyway, but I do like the initiative of getting him into a team discord
  5. Eras notwithstanding (trust me, I know this isn't nearly as much of a thing now as it was then, but bear with me):

    Lars Intranquilo 989
    Clark Marcellin 956 (7 season retirement, team needs)
    Martin Brookside 908 I think (something in the 90_ set)


    Dagmar Havlova 1002.

    The Lord Of The Rings Mueller Report GIF by reactionseditor

    1. McWolf


      A feat 10 years in the making

    2. Victor


      Just for you, I say 1,000 TPE is just as big a deal as it was in Intranquilo's day.

  6. You would have not had any goalie sacks - it was when a skater would hit a goalie. You could have been on the receiving end of goalie sacks though
  7. Player Information Username: diamond_ace Player Name: Tynan Sylvester Recruited From: Returning Age: 25 Position: D Height: 74 in. Weight: 210 lbs. Birthplace: Belize Player Page @VHLM GM
  8. Tynan Sylvester 42 Ludeon Drive Belmopan, Belize Dear Mr. Sylvester, Enclosed, you will find your official paperwork for the S77 VHLM Draft. You're a bit of a late addition, so if you could please hurry up with signing and returning this to us, that would be much obliged. We sent the original to your agent Cassandra Classic two weeks ago, but have not heard a response, so now we have sent a copy to you directly, along with a SASE to the offices of Jardy Bunclewirth, where your paperwork should be sent. Regards, Jardy Bunclewirth, High Stellarch of the VHL
  9. Looking back on the threads, it seems like it's just Ricer - "1-1. Prague making us work for it! Let’s go Moscow!!!!!!" makes it sound like it's necessarily yours to work for, rather than a real series.
  10. This one is for the comments implying Prague was simply delaying Moscow's inevitable advance. There are two teams in this series, not one team and one roadblock. If you still advance, fair enough, but this is not a foregone conclusion, and we've proven that. In any case, good luck regardless of which way this goes - it's certainly nice to be one win away though.
  11. @Jericho other cities in Poland: Krakow, Gdansk, Gdynia, Nieciecza, Plock, Lodz, Wroclaw, Szczecin, Czestochowa, Katowice, Bialystok, Morag, Kielce, Radom, Opole (admittedly I know most of these from playing a save in FM20 with Huragan Morag of the Polish fourth tier, but Krakow in particular is pretty well known)