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  1. toronto - i doubt devise will mind either since he's not long for that team anyway
  2. nah, don't really mind, just seems like an odd choice. we're supposed to be terrible, so saying that you've beaten us is basically saying seattle exists
  3. any particular reason you guys consider beating an expansion team to be an actual accomplishment?
  4. Also, one bit at the end that was factually incorrect: Chershenko was not a GM player. I would know, because Clark Marcellin was the GM player. @Phil
  5. He wouldn't use it. The Shaw/Kanou/Kjeldsen/Clarence class is too well known, and it might actually not require people to look it up. Victor would never give a trivia question where there's a chance people will already know the answer
  6. Similarly to this - the call up button worked for me, but Grimaldi needs on Prague
  7. I've been on the record a few times against pictures in articles - I suck it up and do it sometimes, but in a newspaper, only the headline articles get pictures, most don't, yet plenty of people get through it fine. Fair enough though
  8. C - Erik Draven A - Wolf Stansson Jr A - Don Draper