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  1. 7/8 correct for Prague's list - obviously there's more we'll know about internally than you guys but that's pretty solid
  2. Also, don't take that as a criticism, I saw firsthand the amount of work this took. I might disagree with some or even a good bit of it, but this was one hell of an undertaking. Great content one way or the other
  3. 9th pick also retired, and frankly I think there are a few more of these that would be unwise choices (basically anyone old - with the cap being where it is, taking someone with the explicit intent to flip isn't a safe strategy). I also think the comp picks will go much earlier
  4. to think i was picking riga for games 3 and 4 bc i expected this series to be all home, not bc i expected it to go quickly like that
  5. This is exactly why the 75 is in there - no comp picks so it's only 32. 3rds are late af now
  6. To make this easier for everyone: this is 4 for 12 and 18.
  7. Tfong and me. It's in the predicate of the sentence. It's "and I" in parts of the sentence where you would use "I" if the other person wasn't there, and "and me" in parts of the sentence where you would use "me" if the other person wasn't there. People assume it's always "and I" because it's used far more often in the subject than in the predicate. Examples: Tfong and I spent a lot of hours in chat. Chat was entertaining for Tfong and me back in the day.
  8. In case anyone reads the comments first before voting: we also have Woody McPine (S71 338 TPE G) ready to come up, and Riley Knight Gee (S72 244 TPE D) likely ready to come up as well.
  9. It doesn't accept a dash Correction: it does now, but it didn't at the time he posted that, nor at the time I also posted it after him
  10. Hadn't gotten to Pim yet, but can confirm
  11. Also "Who leads the series in points" is requiring a number
  12. Guess the score is requiring a single number, and won't take a dash to separate each team's result
  13. I have confidence those numbers will come up behind Block, Perrin, and Stansson next season