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  1. diamond_ace

    C - Justin Lowenstein (OTT)

    1m to play for Ottawa
  2. diamond_ace

    G - Victor

    Ottawa offers 1m to be backup. You'll get games, primarily against Saskatoon. My starter is pretty firmly entrenched but I'd definitely put you in as backup over Durgen (inactive) and get you probably about a quarter or so of the games left.
  3. diamond_ace


    Honestly, I think it's only proper for a GM to choose strategically who to play the backup against. If his decision is to play him against Helsinki, then he should do so. Surely this is no worse than the Ahma Davos thing?
  4. diamond_ace

    LW - Jaxson Taupert

    1m offer from Ottawa - I can only offer 2nd line as opposed to Saskatoon's offer of top line, but we're a mid pack team rather than a rebuilder, so it's up to you whether you'd rather be relatively competitive or more time.
  5. diamond_ace

    RW - Wesley Richards

    1m offer from Ottawa, if you're still around and looking for a team
  6. diamond_ace

    LW - Barry

    1m offer from Ottawa, if you're still around and looking for a team
  7. diamond_ace

    G - Sebastian Dietz

    1m offer to be backup for Ottawa, if you're still around and looking for a team. You'll get some games, primarily against Saskatoon. I don't think any teams have their starting job still available, unfortunately.
  8. diamond_ace

    LW - The Great Cox

    1m offer to play for Ottawa, if you're still around and looking for a team
  9. diamond_ace

    D - Kyle Grant

    1m from Ottawa as well. 2nd pair on a better team than Sask, but probably less opportunities for extra ice time (special teams, etc).
  10. Belgium 3-1 England France 2-1 Croatia
  11. diamond_ace

    World Cup 2018

    I can't remember a World Cup where I'm genuinely happy with 3 of the semifinalists, and neutral to the other one (France).
  12. diamond_ace

    C - Liam Cook

    Ottawa offers 1 million as well. You'd be second line for us rather than top line, but we're also a little more competitive in the standings than Saskatoon, so whichever you'd rather
  13. diamond_ace

    World Cup 2018

  14. diamond_ace

    Wild wild thoughts

    How would you know what week old enchiladas smell like? What kind of heathen doesn't eat the enchiladas in the first day or two, and instead lets them sit a week?
  15. diamond_ace

    World Cup Bracket: Round of 16

    Username: diamond_ace France - Argentina Winner: France Uruguay - Portugal Winner: Uruguay Spain - Russia Winner: Spain Croatia - Denmark Winner: Croatia Brazil - Mexico Winner: Brazil Belgium - Japan Winner: Belgium Sweden - Switzerland Winner: Switzerland Colombia - England Winner: England