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Late last night, Jarome Iginla decided it would be a good idea to play a prank on his Saskatoon Wild GM and teammates, so the 19 year old went to the local market and picked up some extra large condoms, he bought 52 of them, half for the prank, and half for the girl coming over tonight.. Anyway, Jarome took the condoms out one my one and decided to grab a pin and stick tiny holes into each of the condoms. Once he saw his team at the local bar, he invited a bunch of hookers to come celebrate a big win with the team. 


Rookie teammate Mason Richardson called over Jarome and asked him for a condom, Jarome reached into his pocket and gave him one of the condoms he had poked holes in and let Mason walk off. One by one, players from the Wild came to Jarome for condoms, and he gave each of them the tampered condoms. Jarome ended up going down on a girl later that night. That was the best sex he had all year, he woke up the next morning and his hooker started throwing up. When Jarome got up to go take a piss he left his condom on as he was too tired to wake up. He thought the condom would just protect his urine and then he could throw the whole thing out, but to his dismay, the piss started to go everywhere. When Jarome looked down and saw the 6 holes in his condom he passed out and now he's gonna be a dad in 9 months. 

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