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Ruutu Joins Ottawa


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As Mikey Blade made the announcement to retire two seasons before his forced retirement date, Rockstar Inc. had other plans to stick around in the league and that was to find some much needed talent. After a lot of debate, they went out to find a Finnish defender by the name of Teuvo Ruutu. The 6'4 defender is a very rugged player who is all about banging bodies and putting up points in the assist column. While he's never been a scoring threat, his slapshot is on point and if it hits, expect it to go in. When Ruutu first came to Canada knowing he'd be a Lynx, he knew very little English, but just one day later, he seems to be a pro. Ruutu released his first ever statement saying the following: 


"Honestly coming into the league I want to dominate. I am a hardass and I hate being anything but successful. It'll take me a little while to transition simply because there is a lot of talent currently in the VHLM, but I'm sure it won't take me too long. I'll be a top defender over any of these kids trying to be somebody." 


With that, Ruutu attempted to leave no questions that he'd be a top pick, a top player and a top teammate in Ottawa to all the others around. Everyone should have this stud on their radars as he is set to make his debut in the next leg of games for the Lynx. 



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