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  1. Definition of not liking how it works? Sorry, forgot I'm not allowed to have an opinion. Did I say I hated you guys or whatever? Absolutely not. I did not like having to go to another site, etc, when I'm so used to having it done on the forum, etc. So yeah, I'll try it fully, however don't sit here and call me lazy.
  2. Delete this, I'll give it a fair, justified try, but if I don't like it, I'll re-retire. Unless I cannot unretire, then so be it lol.
  3. I am GMing, just not having a player.
  4. Not ideal for me, I love Dollar and I know he's going to be mad at me for this, but the new updating, I don't like it, at all. I don't like it being moved off the site, so it is what it is. I know you guys like it, I'm not asking you to change it, but it's not for me. Thanks for welcoming me back, maybe one day I'll care to like it and return ❤️
  5. Las Vegas Protects: Oleksiy Revchenko 2nd Round Pick
  6. 1M to finish the season in LV.
  7. iRockstar

    D - Tzuyu

    1M to come join me plz top mins!
  8. 1M to come to Vegas! Don't gamble too much though.
  9. 1M to bring you over to Vegas! Let’s goooo. Will offer more before you sign to guarantee you come to Vegas if someone else persuades you lol.
  10. 1M to come to Vegas to play on a very good team!
  11. @Hunter @Tim @pennypenny @AnthonyOuellet @AndrewWarren13 @cheidebrecht big win boys! All the new guys making an impact
  12. We'll also offer 1M from Vegas to come join one of the most elite bluelines in the league.
  13. welcome Hunter, will send you a PM soon and adding you to our LR now!
  14. I'd love to take you on in Vegas, 1M to join our second line?