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Second quarter report for Ori (S82) Slowing down, hits 50 career goals


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Hey-o everyone and welcome back, quarter two has been a rougher patch for Ori and Helsinki in general. Ori finished one point under a point per game, the quarter was just full of inconsistent play. He started strong with a two goal game before failing to score any points in the next three games, he than got five points in three games before going quiet again for another three game set. Game 29 of the season saw him get a goal and an assist for two points and 50 career goals but he followed this up over the next five games of going on and off with scoring. The last two games did see him get five points for 4 goals, 13 assists for 17 points in the quarter. Faceoff wise Ori took 943 and won 559 for a winning percentage of 59.28, he's still taking a ridiculous amount per game, taking 50 plus faceoffs in 13 of the 18 games and a number of them in the 40's range. After game 36 Ori was leading was leading in power play points with 15, with 12 assists and 3 goals. While I don't have the numbers it does feel like scoring has been a little harder to come by during the second quarter, Helsinki sits just a few points out of the playoffs, here's hoping they can make a push for it.


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