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Nasherov interview


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We're back with a new interview with Calgary's Gustilav Nasherov


Things has not become much better since the last interview.  Why?


As I said in my last interview, what I needed to do is forget about those bad games and think of every game as a new opportunity.  That hasn't been going the way I wanted to.  Some people may think that just deciding to switch your mindset is a thing you can do easily and quickly, however they are very wrong.  You need to change your way of thinking and the way you approach things as a whole.  That takes a really long time and only 1 merely week will be enough time for you to do that, at least not for me.  Maybe for other athletes they can change this really easily and within a short period of time.  But everyone's different and that is what makes us unique as humans.  Give me more time to do this and I will with 100% certainty do that.  How long it will take is unknown to me as I have not done this before but it will happen eventually.  Until that I have to make the best out of the situation and be as helpful to the team as humanly possible, as Long as I do my very best every game then I can't and won't complain about how many points I am putting up every game, because at the end of they day my points do not matter, the wins the team gets do.


Even when you don't produce as many points the team still seems to win games, why?


Because we have depth. That is the difference between a team that has 1 star line and a team that has depth.  If that line starts having a rough time and does not produce as many points as usual then the whole team will suffer.  If the same thing happened to the team with depth then it would not even be remotely close as a problem.  Because then the other lines will be able to produce for the team and win games.  I am not saying that my whole line is playing poorly, just me, and I was just trying to put into perspective on how much better it is to have a squad with depth instead of having one line that scores 90+ of points per game or even season.  And when the time comes that I will be back to my usual ways then we will be able to be dominant in games.  Because when we have depth like we do and the star players that we do then we have a big chance to go very deep into the playoffs and challenge for that trophy.  That is why I'm not too concerned about how I am playing right now, if this would have been in the playoffs then I would need to better myself ASAP.


Thanks for the interview once again Nasherov! Bye!


See ya! Bye

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