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Injury on Butt Man


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The past two weeks, I've been out due to injury. I injured my ankle, had 2 surgeries and had around 700 meetings on how to recover fully from this injury. Between my team, Stockholms team and myself.... It's been a lot. However, I will be able to get back to full strength next week. That's what really excites me. Once I'm back in shape, ramping up for a full return then I'll be able to release a long awaited blog post. It's been a while, I know, but I haven't been able to concentrate on anything due to the pain. I've been popping pills like it's candy. However, due to the doctors and our team, we're confident I'll be back next week.


Besides this, I have been traveling around Stockholm and Sweden. Specially with the team, It's been an incredible experience to work with the staff while being able to see the world. I'm incredibly blessed to just be able to see the world and I thank this team for the opportunity. I hope to repay their faith in me come playoffs and maybe we can 2-peat. Sweden is incredible, the team is incredible, we are all incredibly hard working and this group just feels special.

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