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What if..... Injuries


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What if…… injuries


What if teams are rewarded for having the team with more depth. Instead of being able to win a cup with only 2 or 2,5 lines the players who play the absolutely most have a chance to get injured for a game, maybe even two! (Excluding goalies of course). This would reward a team for having a wide roster. Maybe even change the way the meta is used, don't want to be the top notch player because you know you'll get playtime and get injured. That doesn't mean that you would get injured every other game you play. If you play 24/25+ minutes each game you earn a 10 or 15% chance of being injured for a game or two. The percentages can be changed of course. I would like to see how that would change the competitive scene. Maybe it will make the VHL a whole new thing!


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