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What happened to Brendan Marner?


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I find myself asking, what happened to Brendan Marner? He had much promise as a top like scorer, weather that is giving his teammate the puck, or taking that puck in for a nifty goal. He started the season slow, barely getting 0.5 points a game, but still stayed on a nice pace, then he broke out a dozen games in to become the top 3 rookie with points, the question was, will he keep it up? He did, but not like he was, he is averaging over a point per game with 47 points in his 40 games played. He has dropped from the top 3 rookies quiet nicely, but found himself on another leader board, and no, its not what anyone would’ve expected.


His game was more offensive before the VHL picked him up, now he has worked on his defensive game, to get himself on the top 10 for most hits in the league. This wouldn’t be so hard to be apart of, until you realize that he is in the most hits category in his rookie season, but still producing like a maniac. He took his game to a new level, to prove all of his haters wrong, and took over as one of the best 2-way players in the league. This rookie is underrated, and eventually he will become the next franchise winger teams are looking for.

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