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There's Always A Negative & A Positive.


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Ever since I made that first article about the Aces, it's been really bad luck for us. We've only won 1 game out and that was against the Philadelphia Reapers who are the #1 seed in the VHLM with a record of 31-10. They are just ahead of the Houston Bulls who have a record of 30-11. The other teams that are over .500 are the Miami Marauders, Saskatoon Wild, Mexico City Kings, and the Ottawa Lynx. I thought by the end of that article we would be able to catch up to the Ottawa Lynx but right now we are way far apart from where I wanted to be. The teams that are under .500 consist of the San Diego Marlins, Las Vegas Aces, Halifax 21st, and the Mississauga Hounds. Right now, we have a record of 16-23 and we've been on a losing streak for a couple of simulations until we defeated the Philadelphia Reapers. Ever since that article, I've been an efficient scorer and I have been doing well on the defensive end as well. I look to improve my puck handling in the meanwhile but I'm liking the progress of myself and the team. Although it may not be showing in the game, it's showing in the locker room. We are all connected and focused on one goal only and that's improving ourselves. Once we can do that. we can look forward to making it to the playoffs and making that next step. We might not make the playoffs this season but I'm proud and excited by the effort we are putting in to win every game because most of our losses have been close.

Anyways, let's move on to the other leagues as we wrap up the VHLM. I will say that the Reapers are starting to slip up in big-time fashion and this could be the time the Houston Bulls capitalize and take the #1 seed. We move onto the VHLE where the Cologne Express and the Rome Gladiators still have under 10 losses. The teams behind them are the Bratislava Watchmen, Stockholm Vikings, Istanbul Red Wolves, and the Geneva Rush. There are only two teams under .500 and that is the Oslo Storm and the Vasteras Iron Eagles. The Cologne Express and the Rome Gladiators both fought for the 1st seed. The battle of Italy has begun.

Now, it's time for the big leagues, which is the VHL. That Vancouver Wolves still stand top of the VHL just behind the LA Stars. The other teams that are over .500 are London United, Prague Phantoms, Calgary Wranglers, Riga Reign, Moscow Menace, Seattle Bears, Malmo Nighthawks, and Warsaw Predators. The teams under .500 are the New York Americans, HC Dave's Dynamo, D, C. Dragons, Helsinki Titans, and the Chicago Phoenix. : Like I said, that Chicago Phoenix team has not only a weird name but a weird roster as well. Hopefully, they can find a path to contention because they are the only team in the VHL to have less than 10 wins. They even have less than five wins. 


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