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Lynx Rookie Starts Strong


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Baxter Arcanum is quickly making a name for himself among fans in Ottawa after signing with the Lynx last week. Thanks to a lot of luck and some gracious coaching decisions, Arcanum has been performing at a point-per-game pace since his debut. This scoring pace might not be sustainable for the rookie defenseman, but it’s certainly getting him some recognition.


When asked for comment on his new city, Arcanum said the following:


“The crowds have been really welcoming, I love the energy. I have only been in Ottawa for a short time, but it’s already starting to feel like home. Everyone on the team has been great on the ice and off, too. A few of the guys have been showing me the good restaurants in town and giving me the inside scoop on how to get around rush hour traffic and stuff. Obviously the coaching staff has been very helpful, I can already see a drastic improvement in my on-ice performance, and it’s thanks to them. I’m excited to work hard for this team and light the lamp as much as we can.”

It seems as though the rookie is settling in well, and that comfort and confidence is translating to success on the ice. The question on everyone's mind now: how long can he keep this up?

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