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VHLE: A Team of Dreams


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Hello everyone and welcome to my talkshow(article). Today we’ll be looking at the theme of the week since I really need to improve my defence.. I mean to tell everyone the best players of all time! Since it’s my first year in this league and I have no idea who is who we’ll be looking at a current VHLE dream team (copyrighted) looking at raw stats. 15 skaters and No goalies will be chosen (no goalies because “best” goalies can be subjective) based on current stats (true of Thursday February the 24th 6:17 pm give or take the time it took me to write this). Let’s start!


First Line

Our first line will be consisting of goal scorers and a 2 great playmaker. Our first player (our left winger) will be, drumroll please, Pekko Viitanen! This was an obvious one, number one points scorer with a large amount of points who will be our play maker and coincidentally a left winger! On to our right winger who will be Mats Zucarello! Mats is the number goal scorer right now and was destined to be on the first line. Our center for the first line will be, my teams very own, Perry Laperriere!  Second in assists and fifth in points one of the best centres for the VHLE for the moment.


So far our first like is looking like:

Pekko Viitanen - Perry Laperriere - Mats Zucarello

So let’s look at our top defensive pairing! For defence, rather than looking for just points we should look for good physicality in a player. This will help us in agression in the long run. So for our top defensive pairing, let’s take the easy way and look at the most points (by a long shot) in any defence man, who I like to call Mr. Australia, Zeljko Ranogajec! (That took a shaming amount of attempts to write I’m sorry). This was a obvious choice for the defence bringing good experience to the team along with a good skill set. The player playing in hand to hand with this Australian player is a very unexpected one, Cameron Elsby. I’ve chosen Cameron after careful thinking. The reason I’ve chosen him over the many others is a result of him playing very well all round. With a point per game along with 190+ hits and 100+ Shots blocked he’s a perfect asset on the defence while contributing up the ice.


So far our team is looking amazing, 

Pekko Viitanen - Perry Laperriere - Mats Zucarello

On the top line along with 

Zeljko Ranogajec - Cameron Elsby 

on the top pair!


Now that the first line is done and the first pairing is done I don’t think that explaining all the people is worth, for the offensive lines most of them will be following a 2 playmaker, 1 goal scorer, or a 2 goal scorer, 1 playmaker format while the defence will be following a 1 agresser, 1 point maker or 2 point maker pattern. Other than that, let’s get on with it. (I will be making 3 offensive lines only since 4 offensive lines will be too much for the sake of salary)

Pekko Viitanen - Perry Laperriere - Mats Zucarello  On the first line, great bunch of people and some amazing prospects, will be getting 40% of ice time

Ronan Lavelle -Johnny Xavier - Mikhail Lospenov another bunch of great prospects, 30% ice time

Jason Coiner - Jlloyoid Blloyoiderson - Raihan Heavems Some prospects, some not, 30% ice time


Now the defence


Zeljko Ranogajec - Cameron Elsby 

X Man - The Loch Ness Monster

Artair McCloud- Mr Duk


I think that this would be one of the best current VHLE teams and you may think otherwise however, I think this is perfect. Nothing else from me (for now) and I’ll see you next week soon. Signing off, Dabnad until next time!


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