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Daniel Janser's VHL Dream Team

Daniel Janser

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So I will go with a historic Dreamteam instead of with a team consisting of players my player has competed with (or against), as my players career is relatively young and the sample size is just not there.


Without further ado, here is my VHL Dream Team:


As Center, the choice can only be:



Scotty Campbell


I mean, there is a reason, why the MVP trophy is named after this Century Talent. But there is not only his personal silverware haul which is impressive. He won it all, four VHL titles with three different teams, WC-Gold with Team Switzerland, and is to this day leading goal scorer, assist giver, best +/-, most game winning goals in the league all time and a Swiss to boot. How can I not pick him?


As Left Wing, my choice is:



Scott Boulet


This Geneva-born winger ticks all the boxes for me. A-typicical Gritty presence on the ice for a native French-speakler, Boulet was not spoilt by his undeniable talent and was happy to muck in and do the dirty deeds. Always looking out for his team mates and the designated scorers (though his 737 points in 432 games are nothing to scoff at). A player who could be relied onshutting the door in the dying minutes of a game seven Victory Cup match as well as score the game winning goal. It is not for nothing that the trophy for the best two-way forward is named after this Wranglers legend.



For Right Wing, my choice is:



Brett Slobodzian


 While the career of this Saskatoon native was not as long as it could have been, this Calgary house-hold-name deserves none the less the spot on the right wing. For a time, Campbell and Slobodzian were named in the same sentence when fans talked about the best players in the league. The haul of individual and team trophies this gifted skater accumulated beggars belief, especially considering that his career, like that of Bobby Orr, was cut short by a knee injury. As with Boulet and Campbell, a trophy has been named after Brett and it is given to the most outstanding player in the league.


As Defenders I choose:


Sterling Labatte

Jake Wylde


I think one would be hard pressed to find two finer defencemen this side of the Pearly Gates. Their reputation, achievements and legacies speak for themselves. Both were a force on both ends of the ice and gave the forward lines of their respective generation a run for their money and could be relied on by their coaches every shift of every game of every season for the entirety of their careers. And as with the previous members of the Dream Team, Trophies were named after both these staples of any all-star defence.


Last but not least, I choose between the pipes:



Aidan Shaw


Arguably one of the best netminders to grace VHL ice, Aidan Shaw led the Legion to their Victory Cup win against Davos in S21 and is to this day as a benchmark when it comes to goaltending.


I am aware that there is an apparent concentration of Swiss/Calgary players contained in this selection. Alas, it cannot be helped and here I am with my choice for a dream team.


I hope you enjoyed my presentation and gave you thought for your own list.



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