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  1. Kris Rice Ricer13 is currently in his sixth season with player Kris Rice and is a few seasons from retiring. Kris Rice is his first generation player and Ricer wanted to experience being a top scoring forward. He started his career as a winger and during his time in the M and the first couple seasons in Calgary he remained at the winger position. Kris Rice then switched to the centre position because of Calgary’s needs and has been fairly successful with the switch so far since making the change. While Ricer has enjoyed his time so far with Kris Rice he has spent a lot of time thinking about what comes after Kris Rice. Position Ricer is a fan of the forward position but respects the defensive part of the game more than any other. This is why when he recreates after Kris Rice retires it will be as a defensemen. Ricer plans on creating a high flying offensive defensemen who if you don’t have your head up will take advantage of you in a hurry and lay a big hit. He is going to be a team first player who will likely drop the mitts of you rub him or his teammates the wrong way. The Name Recreating isn’t all about position or build you have to have a sick name to go along with it. Well let me tell you that Ricer is absolutely terrible when it comes to picking original names. His recreate will most likely be a spin off of his current player Kris Rice’ name. You might see something like Kristoph Ricerov, Kristopher Ricinski or maybe he will go off the board with something creative but that is very unlikely. His play is going to have to create his stardom because I can guarantee the name will be a bust. The Render This has to be one of the most important decisions a player can make. Who’s face will you use to represent the player you’ve created. There are so many great options to choose from you might want to select a veteran player such as Drew Doughty or Erik Karlsson but maybe you decide to take the youthful approach and choose up and comer studs like Quinn Hughes or Cale Makar. Well as a matter of fact that is exactly what Ricer plans to do as his recreate will be represented by one of the most talented young defensemen to play the game. Quinn Hughes will be the face of Ricer’s recreate when the time comes. Conclusion Though Kris Rice will be around for a couple more seasons you best know that Ricer is already planning what weapon he’s going to pull out of his arsenal next. He wants to surpass the limited success of Kris Rice and create something special. A player who may one day look back and be able to read their name out loud in the VHL history books. Perhaps he will get the opportunity to stand next to some past legends in the VHL Hall of Fame. Word Count: 509
  2. 1. I did notice and it was a sad time in the VHL life. 2. I have watched quite a bit. I watched the entire Canucks series and have been watching bits of other games each day. 3. The name I would give our Bot goalie is Junior. Because he’s learnt all that he knows from JL. 4. All of the seasons. I want that cup so bad. 5. because his head never stops growing. This year it’s even worse lol 6. 7.5/10. We started out rough but are finding our stride now. Would be nice to keep pushing for wins.
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    Gratz Hylands!!! Welcome to the crew
  4. I have built Miami over two seasons to become a juggernaut. I drafted valuable members last season that would be in Miami for two seasons in hopes they would be key pieces for this seasons cup run. After last season we have a ton of top picks in the draft so we began to fill out our roster with top players to create some serious depth. After that I made moves to bring in even more depth to help bring us to the promise land but is it worth it? I am struggling to wonder if having so much talent on one roster is a good thing for the league or not. Yes we have a great chance to be champions but that is never a guarantee. The sacrifice each player is making to share ice time with one another to win a championship is big but is it worth it if they aren’t having fun? Having so many players who are elite getting less ice time is causing everyone’s production to be less but more evenly spread across the board. Yes it is a team game but it is only the VHLM right? Should players be put in a position to feel good about themselves so they want to stick around longer or does the idea of being a champion in the VHLM make them want to stick around longer? That is something I am still trying to learn as a young GM.
  5. 1. I honestly do not know what the issue is. I think at this point it is just a mental game and we need to break out of it. 2. I’m not sure how the strategies are set but maybe we should play to our strengths and change them to a more offensive style of play. 3. I honestly don’t know. Actually us. I thought we would be good but we at surprisingly average. 4. I don’t wear underwear in the VHL. Need to let the boys hang loose. 5. Without a doubt it’s Dredge. Starts off slow because of his diet but once he changes it around he starts lighting it up. 6. My money would be on Davos.
  6. What’s up Yukon!? I will be posting your press conference for this week as your GM and AGM are a bit busy. This is for week ending Aug 2 2020. 1. What are your thoughts on the Rush’s season so far? Is there anything you would change? 2. What are your opinions on how well your GM and AGM are handling the team? 3. What is more important to you, individual success or team success? Why? 4. If you could be traded to another team right now which VHLM team would you want to be moved to? 5. If you could be anywhere else in the world right now other than where you are, where would that be? 6. Your AGM Zetterberg hosts a team party at MexicanCows farm, which teammate would most likely be caught roping pigs while riding a donkey?
  7. Review: You always find a way to write material that is genuinely interesting to read. The article is structurally sound and your grammar is on point. Not many people use pictures but I like the use of pictures in media spots. Building on your character and showing us different sides of Stansson has been a cool journey to follow and I am excited to read whatever you come up with next. Rating: 9/10
  8. Review: Excellent article. The layout, punctuation and structure of the article is on point. The individual break down shows you did your homework as you have actual stats to back up your claims. The idea of shining light on to players who aren’t usually in the spotlight is a great idea as they are just as important to any roster. Keep up the great work. Rating: 9/10
  9. 1. We weren’t to worried at that time. We were getting shots off and producing chances. We just ran into a hot goalie. 2. Jubis because he probably has lots of suit shopping experience now that he’s also a GM. 3. I honestly don’t know any retired VHL players who would be interested. 4. I like my steaks medium rare but a little more on the rare side and I will take a salad because soup is trash. 5. Is it weird that if I were to have guessed his favourite song that it would have been that one? 6. I’m answering this late but it was to work different combinations until you find something that works. Upgrading our wing also helps.