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  1. Lines in, Goodluck everyone!
  2. Nicely put together Moose! Thanks for the spotlight
  3. After thinking about this I feel I am more opposed to this idea than anything. Discord in my opinion has caused this league to thrive. The social interaction is a lot more fun and at real time. I understand the need to create more activity in the forum but I can’t see how turning off game notifications will make much of a difference in this regard. Just my opinion, doesn’t mean it’s right.
  4. Press conference week ending Oct 25 2020 1. Miami is in a tight race with Philly for that last spot. Both teams have a fairly tough schedule. Who has the better shot of pulling it off? 2. Which team do you think will win the title this season? 3. What is more important to you, personal stats or team success? Why? 4. If Miami misses out on the playoffs will this season have been a failure? 5. A lot of you players are waiver players so after this season is over you will be released from Miami and then drafted by a VHLM team. Which team wo
  5. You are amazing for keeping track of these. How did you do it?
  6. I am Bored. Maybe I will play some chel 21 with da boyz

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      PC don’t do NHL21 and Bana telling him to buy an Xbox



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      PlayStation Nation

  7. I apologize too! Miami would love to have you. You’ll also be starting on the fourth line but we have one of the most engaging locker rooms in the league that will help you learn the game! Quote this offer and I will get you on to the roster right away! Miami Marauders GM
  8. Hey @SofaKing I am the GM of the Miami Marauders and we have a spot in our D core for you for the remainder of the season. We are looking to take a run at playoffs and think you would make an excellent addition to the squad. Quote this offer if you would like to join in on the fun. Good luck Ricer13 Miami GM
  9. Greatest Comedy! Love the choice of name. We would love to have you for the remainder of the season playing for the Miami Marauders. We must have the greatest drummer of all time on our roster. Quote this offer cuz it’s the fucking Catalina wine mixer of offers. Ricer13 Miami GM