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  1. Review: This is a cool graphic. I like the render you chose and it’s cutout nicely. Zooming him in would be a lot better and make him more of the focal point of the graphic. The placement of the logo on his jersey isn’t positioned correctly so I would spend a little more time making sure that’s aligned properly. I absolutely love the font choice and the colouring of the font. Overall it’s a cool graphic and I think if you spend a little more time on it I think it could have been amazing. Rating: 7/10
  2. Review: Very cool that you’re doing graphics. Graphics can be tricky but the more you do them the better you’ll get. The logo swap isn’t great. It’s sized too big and overlaps certain aspects of the player. Not sure what program you use but there are some awesome tutorials out there to help you learn. Letter choice is cool. Graphic is a little dark so don’t be afraid to play with the light levels. I recommend trying out a free program like photopea.com. It’s similar to photoshop but it’s free and I learned how to make decent graphics on there pretty easily. Rating: 5/10
  3. 1. Our first week or so of sims hasn't been remarkable, but it has brought us some wins, which is more than we've been used to lately. What are your first impressions for this season as a whole? So far so good! We are right in the mix in the European conference. We have played well as a team and I think we can carry this momentum throughout the season. 2. How do you feel about your individual production so far? So far I am thrilled. I want to see improvement every season and with the ample opportunity I am getting it’s really starting to pay off.
  4. Tretiak a beast! Stole one for Malmo
  5. Requested by Berocka to end the day phase: @Jerichohas been hung by the town. His role was The Interrogator. Also an election has been called it’ll be ADV vs. Goliathus. Get your votes in with your night actions. Night Phase starts now!
  6. Good sims today Wrangers!
  7. This is a lot to think about. Could Nyko be lying about being the Two-face? And this is a ploy from him and Goliathus. Or is Devise and Flex apart of the same side and are mafia themselves. This decision could win or lose us the game.
  8. I’d like to think I’m fairly proven at this point but by all means please go ahead.
  9. Role and will? Even tho you’re mayor doesn’t mean you lose your Original role
  10. So either Flex is lying or we have a Debt Collector in this game. 7. Debt Collector · Choose a target and you will receive their results, if you correctly guess their role during the next day phase they will be poisoned. Poisoned targets will die the next night.
  11. Also if we are uncertain about Flex later on then we can always switch and take out NSG. Id rather keep Nyko around so there is SOME killing role that could stumble upon a mafia member and kill them. We dont seem to have any killing roles to help take mafia out during the night phase.
  12. I believe you are the wizard. Nyko said he visited you and if you were on OMG then two face's attack would go to OMG not you.