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  1. Can we just talk about how Reylynn Reinhart did so well this season
  2. Ricer13

    Houston GM

    Congrats Mooner! @Moon_50
  3. Congratulations to our S80 Chess Tourament winner…. @Timmy Turner!!!
  4. ANSWERS: 1. It’s really hard to tell at this point which one makes the biggest difference. I’ve seen goalies carry teams to championships but I’ve also seen low tpe goalies do very well with a high amount of 40/90 players on it. I’d bet on a forward with a 40/90 build as the most effective. 2. All of the above! I love Graphics now that I can make them, but I also love to read a good media spot and listen to a great podcast. 3. League leader in what? League leader in points? or a leader who is the face of a team? Tough interpretation. Nathan Perry in Calgary is my choice. Never a point leader but never bitches or complains when others surpass him. Great team player and has had a fairly productive career. QUESTIONS: 1. Chicago vs. Vancouver face off in a playoff series tomorrow, who wins and why? 2. Who is your favourite of the European teams to make it to the final this season? 3. Is the VHL your only sim league? If not, what else are you involved in and what is your favourite?
  5. Welcome back @fyrefly! Your honesty is greatly appreciated
  6. I agree with AL here. The search function is brutal.
  7. Answers: 1: I wish the league had more versatility when it came to builds. It would be so much fun to actually build a playmaker rather than just a scorer all the time. 2. I have only played for a few but I think my top choices would be…Prague, Riga or Warsaw. 3. I am a big fan of arena soft serve ice cream or nachos! Questions 1. Which team is the better purple and why? Prague or Davos? 2. If you had to rebrand the VHL what would your name for it be? 3. What is one thing you miss most about life before Covid?
  8. Thankfully I went two to Davos and not 4 to NY
  9. It is full! I should have posted that here. Sorry
  10. Just reading this now. I apologize for the humming and hawing over the trade. It was definitely amazing value to move down two spots. I was heavily swayed to pick Kotkakoivu by my AGM Greg_Di. However I personally really wanted Dooms goalie. I actually didn’t know I was going to “make the pick” until the draft had officially started. There were questions over Dooms inactivity and ultimately that’s what led to me keeping the pick. It was a huge struggle for me in deciding what I wanted to do with that pick whether it be select a player or trade it. There was no intent to lead you on and I couldn’t just say “I’m keeping the pick” because I really didn’t know if I was.
  11. I would happily take over running Trivia to keep it going.
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