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Warsaw's Deadline Options and Opinion


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With the trade deadline upon us, I want to look at the options for Warsaw. Right now, Warsaw has a 24-22-5 record and, on the outside, looking into the playoffs. Should they go for prospects and picks? Or should they make a run for the playoffs? There are some good prospects on some of the good teams that would likely trade them for some good players ready to win a cup right now. The teams out of the playoffs, for the most part, doesn’t have as many players that are high calibre. This means Warsaw could possible trade some of the veteran players for picks, or prospects for a slightly elevated price. I have become against the idea of improving, and rather taking decent prospects and picks to have a better core in the next couple of years. Although Warsaw is killing many of the top teams, I have started to lose hope that they will be able to consistently win all the games in the playoffs needed, and with that, will they be able to make it there in general? These are questions that should be asked while we approach the deadline, and we will see which way they go.

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